Dances Taught

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Year & Month Taught
AZBD↕ BNS↕ DWZ↕ Dance Name ↕ Level ↕ Choreographer ↕ Music ↕ Artist ↕ Genre ↕ VID
18/04 -------- -------- Sambarito Int Kim Ray, Pat Stott, Tina Argyle 1,2,3 Sofia Reyes Pop Yes
-------- 11/05 11/09 1-2-3-4 Int Niels Poulsen 1-2-3 Ann Tayler Ctry Yes
-------- 17/07 17/06B 1159 Beg Rachael McEnaney-White 11:59 (Central Standard Time) Railers (The) Pop Yes
-------- -------- 08/09 123 Summertime Beg/Int Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos 1-2-3 El Simbolo Pop Yes
-------- 08/09 -------- 1,2,3 Beg/Int Rodeo Rick Legault 1-2-3 El Simbolo Pop No
-------- 10/02 -------- 15 Minutes Beg Harlan Curtis 15 Minutes Rodney Atkins Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 13/02B 16 Tons Beg Rob Fowler & Debbie Ellis 16 Tons Leanne Rimes Pop Yes
-------- 05/04 -------- 1814 March Beg/Int Joe/Penny Barker & Herb/Kathy Dula Battle of New Orleans Sham Rock Pop No
-------- 12/03 12/05 '1929 Int Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie 1929 Tara Oram Ctry Yes
-------- 12/11 -------- 1st Class Beg Karl-Harry Winson Return To Sender Helmut Lotti Pop Yes
-------- -------- 11/07 2 Nite Int Will Craig Give Me Everything Pitbull Pop Yes
-------- -------- 14/05M 2-Way Kiss Beg/Int Ria Vos Let’s Kiss Björn Skifs Pop Yes
-------- 10/11 -------- 2O12' Int Shaz Walton 2012' Jay Sean Ft Nicki Minaj Pop Yes
-------- 08/05 -------- 30 Seconds Flat Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren Heartbreaker Will I Am Pop Yes
-------- -------- 13/12M 40 Years Int/Adv Daniel Whittaker 40 Years Tone Damli Pop Yes
-------- 11/06 12/01 5-10-15 Swing! Int/Adv Scott Blevins 5-10-15 Hours Blue Harlem Pop Yes
13/03 12/10 12/07 50 Ways Int Pat Stott 50 Ways To Say Goodbye Train Latin Yes
-------- 13/03 -------- 6 8 12 Beg Masters In Line 6 Months, 8 Days, 12 Hours Brian McKnight Ctry Yes
-------- ---- 12/06 7 Up Int Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Seven Nation Army Marcus Collins Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/10M 7 Years Old Int Michael Barr 7 Years Old Lukas Graham Pop Yes
11/11 -------- -------- 789 Stroll Beg Max Perry Call Me Up Trace Adkins Ctry Yes
08/11 -------- -------- 8 & 1 Beg Judy McDonald Something Stupid Mavericks (The) Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/02B 85 Int Rachael McEnaney[White & Kerry Maus 85 Andy Grammar 85 Yes
-------- 08/08 -------- '89 Beg/Int William Brown All Summer Long Kid Rock Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 12/09 99 Years Beg/Int Yvonne Anderson Man, Woman Joe Nichols Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/03B A Bit Lit Imp Norm Gifford Lit Trace Adkins Ctry Yes
-------- 16/04 -------- A Lesson In Love Adv Dee Musk & Simon Ward All I Ask Adele Pop Yes
14/11 -------- -------- A-Huh-Huh Imp Norm Gifford Good Luck Charm Elvis Presley Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/04M About Feelings Int Ria Vos Mixed Drink About Feelings Eric Church Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 11/06 About That Walk Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney It's About That Walk Prince Pop Yes
-------- 09/08 -------- Action Beg/Int Darren Bailey A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action Toby Keith Ctry Yes
-------- 93/09 -------- Achy Breaky Heart Beg Melanie Greenwood Achy Breaky Heart Melanie Greenwood Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 17/11M Act Like A Man! Int Niels Poulsen You Gotta Not Little Mix Ctry Yes
-------- 18/02 -------- Acoustic Love Int Fred Whitehouse Till It Hurts by Rico Greene Rico Greene Pop Yes
08/03 07/06 -------- Adaptable Int Frank Trace Trust Yourself Carlene Carter Ctry Yes
-------- 08/07 08/07 Add Em Up Beg Bracken Ellis Add 'Em All Up Paul Brandt Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/04B Adventure 45 Imp Ria Vos & José miguel Belloque Vane Best Adventure Leaving Thomas Pop Yes
13/05 -------- -------- Af en Af Beg/Int Gudrun Schneider Af en Af Kurt Darren World Yes
10/04 00/08 -------- After Midnight Int Judy McDonald Walkin' After Midnight Groovegrass Boys (The) Ctry Yes
07/02 07/04 -------- After Party Int Maurice Rowe After Party Koffee Brown Pop Yes
-------- -------- 09/08 After The Rain Int Karen Hadley Now The Rain Has Gone Alan Connor Pop No
-------- -------- 07/08 After You Beg/Int Peter & Alison After You Beverley Knight Pop No
-------- 17/08 -------- Against All Odds Int Simon Ward Against All Odds Phil Collins Pop Yes
-------- 16/10 -------- Agua Y Fuego Beg Roy Verdonk, Ray Sarlemijn, Daniel Trepat Agua y Fuego Belle Perez World Yes
-------- 12/06 -------- Ah Si! Beg Rita Masur Levantando Las Manos El Simbolo Pop Yes
-------- 17/01 -------- Ain't Giving Beg Fred Whitehouse Ain't Giving Up Craig David & Sigala Pop Yes
-------- -------- 12/11T Ain't Giving Up Int/Adv Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Time For Miracles Adam Lambert Pop Yes
-------- 07/11 07/10M Ain't Got No Money Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Way I Are (The) Timbaland Pop Yes
-------- -------- 08/09M Ain't Gotta Hitch Beg/Int Rosie Multari Bounce With Me Kreesha Turner Pop Yes
16/01 15/12 16/01T Ain't Misbehavin Int G. Mundy, J.T. Szymanski & Amy Glass Misbehavin' Pentatonix Pop Yes
-------- -------- 14/10T Ain't Wot U Do Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris She Came to Give it To You Usher Ft. Nicki Minaj Pop Yes
-------- 14/07 -------- AK Freak Adv Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy I'm A Freak Enrique Iglesias Pop Yes
12/01 11/08 11/06 Alabama Slammin' Int Rachael McEnaney If You Want My Love Laura Bell Bundy Ctry Yes
14/09 -------- 14/10M Alcazar Int R.M Hickie, K-H Winson Blame It On The Disco Alcazar Pop Yes
-------- 12/03 -------- Alkeehawl Beg/Int Paul McAdam Last call for Alcohol Microwave Dave and The Nukes Ctry Yes
14/11 -------- -------- All About That Bass Beg Gail A. Dawson All About That Bass Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
-------- 12/08 12/05B All Good Beg Kate Sala It's All Good Joe Nichols Ctry Yes
14/04 14/04 14/03M All I Can Say Int Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward Beautiful Frankie J Ft. Pitbull Latin Yes
-------- 16/07 -------- All I Know Imp Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland Who You Lovin` Conrad Sewell Pop Yes
-------- 06/03 -------- All Jacked Up Beg/Int Christy Fox All Jacked Up Gretchen Wilson Ctry No
-------- 17/11 -------- All Katchi, All Night Long Int Kerry Maus KATCHI Ofenbach & Nick Waterhouse Pop Yes
-------- 07/09 -------- All My Friends Beg/Int David Pytka All My Friends Luke Bryan Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 12/11T All My People Int Maggie Gallagher All My People Sasha Lopez Pop Yes
-------- 98/06 -------- All Shook Up Adv Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle All Shook Up Billy Joel or Elvis Ctry Yes
09/04 -------- 08/09 All Summer Long Beg Pim VanGrootel & Daniel Trepat All Summer Long Kid Rock Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/01B All The Same (aka We Danced) Beg Roy Verdonk We Danced Brad Paisley Ctry Yes
-------- 06/09 -------- All The Way Int Robbie McGowan Hickie Do What You Do Bad Boys Blue Pop Yes
-------- -------- 13/06T All Those Yesterdays Int Ria Vos All Those Yesterdays Jennifer Hanson Pop Yes
-------- -------- 10/01 All Through The Night Int Roz Morgan Right Kind of Wrong Leann Rimes Ctry No
-------- -------- 11/06M All Worth It Beg/Int Ria Vos Worth It Sam Moore Ctry Yes
-------- 11/04 11/06B All You Need Beg Robbie McGowan Hickie All You Really Need Is Love Brad Paisley Ctry Yes
-------- 93/06 -------- Alley Cat Int Donna Aiken Cornell Crawford K.T. Oslin Ctry Yes
-------- 07/04 07/02M Alone Together Int Peter & Alison Think We're Alone Now (I) Girls Aloud Pop Yes
-------- -------- 10/05B Alright Girl Beg Frank Trace But It's Alright Huey Lewis & The News Pop Yes
-------- 13/11 -------- Always Alone Int Niels Poulsen Always Alone Clark Anderson Pop Yes
08/12 -------- -------- Always Be My Baby Beg Sobrielo Philip Gene Always Be My Baby David Cook World Yes
-------- 11/03 11/08 Always Gold Adv Scott Blevins Second Sight Club Des Belugas Pop Yes
-------- -------- 09/01 Always Have Always Will Beg Emily Ding Always Have, Always Will Ace Of Base Pop No
08/08 08/06 08/06 Am I Beg/Int Cato Larsen Am I Supposed To Love Again Veronica Akselsen Pop Yes
08/12 08/12 08/11 Amame Int Robbie McGowan Hickie Amame Belle Perez Pop Yes
-------- 12/06 12/03 Amazing Grace Beg Rachael McEnaney Amazing Grace Maverick Choir (The) Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 13/09B Amazing Heart Beg/Int Frank Trace Crazy Amazing V.V. Brown Pop Yes
08/04 06/07 -------- American Girl Beg/Int Gary Lafferty XXXs & OOOs Trisha Yearwood Ctry Yes
10/06 10/05 -------- American Honey Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris American Honey Lady Antebellum Ctry Yes
14/09 15/03 14/10B American Kids Beg Randy Pelletier American Kids Kenny Chesney Ctry Yes
10/02 10/06 -------- American Pie Beg Fran Dewar Sugar & Pie Boots Band (The) Ctry
-------- -------- 07/02 American Pop Int Michel Burton Shake Your Groove Thing Peaches & Herb Pop Yes
08/09 -------- -------- American Soldier Int Jo Thompson Szymanski American Soldier Toby Keith Ctry Yes
07/04 -------- -------- AMI Oh Beg Vivienne Scott Ami Oh African Connection Pop Yes
07/10 08/02 -------- Amor de Hielo Int Debbie Ellis Amor De Hielo David Civera World Yes
-------- 09/08 -------- Amy Int/Adv Kate Sala If U Seek Amy Britney Spears Pop Yes
15/09 15/06 15/06M And Get It On Int Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane Marvin Gaye Charlie Puth Ft. Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
10/03 -------- -------- And I Love You So Int Lily Iguchi And I Love You So Elvis Presley Pop Yes
-------- 07/06 -------- Angel Int/Adv Guyton Mundy Lips Of An Angel Hinder Pop Yes
-------- -------- 12/08 Angel By Your Side Beg/Int Jan Wylie Angel By Your Side Francesca Battistelli Pop Yes
-------- 04/03 -------- Another Chance Int Kevin S. & Rena Ward Dance With My Father Luther Vandross Pop Yes
-------- -------- 10/01 Another Day Int/Adv Paul McAdam Like You'll Never See Me Again Alicia Keys Pop Yes
04/07 04/07 -------- Another Quickie Int Joanne Brady Long On Talk, Short On Love Barbara Carr Ctry Yes
11/02 -------- -------- Another Saturday Night Int Larry Bass Another Saturday Night Sam Cooke Pop Yes
12/12 08/11 08/12 Any Dream Will Do Beg Gerard Murphy Any Dream Will Do Donny Osmond Pop Yes
-------- 10/07 -------- Aphrodite Int Dee Musk Aphrodite Kylie Minogue Pop Yes
-------- 08/02 -------- Apologize Int Shaz Walton Apologize Timbaland Pop Yes
-------- 05/08 -------- Apple Pie & Hillbillies Beg Hollis Clark Hillbillies (Love It In The Hay) Hot Apple Pie Ctry Yes
-------- 94/01 -------- Applejacks Adv Unknown Fresh Coat of Paint Lee Roy Parnell Ctry Yes
-------- 07/05 07/03 Arabian Nights Int Marthe Thibeault 1001 Arabian Nights Chipz Pop Yes
-------- -------- 11/10 Are You Ready Int Amy Christian-Sohn It's Raining Rain Pop Yes
14/01 -------- -------- Army of Two Int Karl-Harry Winson Army Of Two Olly Murs Pop Yes
12/01 -------- -------- As Good As I Once Was Beg/Int Dennis & Ruthie Duke As Good As I Once Was Toby Keith Ctry No
-------- 05/10 -------- As Good As I Once Was Beg/Int Helen Born & Nita Lindley As Good As I Once Was Toby Keith Ctry No
-------- 08/03 -------- As If Beg/Int Junior Willis As If Sara Evans Ctry No
10/08 -------- -------- Askin' Questions Beg/Int Larry Bass Askin' Questions Brady Seals Ctry Yes
-------- 06/08 06/08 Aspire Beg Bracken & Linda Ellis Born to Be Alive Patrick Hernandez Pop Yes
-------- 16/01 -------- Autumn Int Fred Whitehouse Autumn Paolo Nutini Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/04M Ay Mama Mia Int Amy Glass & Michele Burton Mama Mia Mayra Veronica Pop Yes
09/10 -------- -------- Ay Amor Beg/Int Ria Vos Ay Amor Semino Rossi World Yes
-------- -------- 09/12 B.C.O. (Baby Come On) Int Rachael McEnaney Baby Come On Chris Anderson Pop Yes
-------- 10/04 -------- Baby Baby Baby Int Dee Musk Baby Justin Bieber Pop Yes
-------- -------- 08/12 Baby Believe Int Kate Sala Baby Believe Kristy Lee Cook Pop No
-------- 07/05 -------- Baby Cha Beg Kate Sala Baby Confess Leland Martin Pop Yes
-------- -------- 10/05 Baby Confess Beg/Int Tim Gauci Baby Confess Leland Martin Pop No
12/05 12/05 -------- Baby Didn't I Int John H. Robinson Didn’t I James Wesley Ctry No
-------- 10/04 -------- Baby Doll Waltz Beg/Int Larry Bass Shake Me, I Rattle Lisa Brokop Ctry Yes
-------- 16/04 -------- Baby Don't Dance Int Jean-Pierre Madge Baby Don't Dance Fleur East Pop Yes
-------- -------- 12/11 Baby Don't Rush Int Malene Jakobsen Don’t Rush Kelly Clarkson feat. Vince Gill Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 09/12 Baby Dream Beg Teresa & Vera All I Do Is Dream Of You Michael Buble Pop Yes
-------- -------- 11/10B Baby Make It Hot Beg Dee Musk Fire M.Dot Finley Pop Yes
-------- 09/07 -------- Baby Rocks Beg Alfred Watkins Baby Rocks Phil Vassar Ctry No
-------- 11/03 -------- Baby Tonight Beg/Int Robbie McGowan Hickie Dancing Tonight Kat Deluna Pop Yes
-------- 17/11 -------- Baby Why Not Tonight Beg Kat Painter Why Not Tonight Neal McCoy Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 10/01 Baby You've Got It Beg Peter & Alison Baby (You've Got What It Takes) Michael Buble Pop Yes
12/07 -------- 12/07 Back In Time Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy Back In Time Pitbull, Ft. Chris Brown Pop Yes
-------- -------- 11/09 Back In Time Beg/Int Robbie McGowan Hickie Bajo La Luna Sparx World Yes
-------- -------- 09/10 Back It Up Int Francien Sittrop Back It Up Caro Emerald Pop Yes
-------- 17/08 12/12 Back It Up Int Darren Bailey, Raymond Sarlemijn/td> Back It Up Caro Emerald Pop Yes
12/10 -------- -------- Back It Up Int Dan Morrison Back It Up Caro Emerald Pop Yes
-------- 18/04 -------- Back Road Body Imp Wendy McLean Body Like A Backroad Sam Hunt Ctry No
-------- -------- 13/04M Back To Black Int Lawrence Allen Back To Black Bryan Keith Pop Yes
-------- 05/12 -------- Backseat Blues Int Dan Albro Backseat Blues Roomful Of Blues Ctry No
-------- 02/07 -------- Backstreet Attitude Int Jamie Marshall As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys (The) Pop Yes
-------- 13/02 13/02T Backtrack Adv Maggie Gallagher Backtrack Rebecca Ferguson Pop Yes
08/10 99/01 -------- Bad Bad LeRoy Brown Beg Unknown Bad Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce Ctry Yes
-------- 03/06 -------- Bad Dog No Biscuit Int Steve Yoxall Love You Left Behind Daron Norwood Ctry No
-------- 14/08 -------- Bad Girl That Girl Beg/Int Donna Manning That Girl Jennifer Nettles Ctry Yes
09/05 -------- 09/10 Bad Influence Beg/Int Jo/John Kinser & Mark Furnell Bad Influence Pink Pop Yes
13/02 -------- -------- Bad With Ya' Baby Int Jacob Ballard & Jane Boyd Wanna Be Bad (I) Willa Ford Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/04M Badda Badda Swing Int Daniel Whittaker & Simon Ward Don’t Dance (I) Corbin Bleu & Lucas Grabeel Pop Yes
12/07 -------- -------- Badda Boom Badda Bang Int/Beg Karen Hunn Freddie Said Barry Manilow Pop Yes
12/02 -------- -------- Baie Baie Beg Francien Sittrop Daar Doer in die donker Kurt darren World Yes
-------- 07/11 -------- Baila Mamita Beg/Int Shaz Walton Love The Way She Moves (I) Zion Ft. Akon Pop Yes
-------- 07/09 -------- Bailando Suave Int Shaz Walton Banca Banca E-Type Pop No
11/03 -------- -------- Ballymore Boys Int Dynamite Dot Boys from Ballymore (The) Sham Rock Irish Yes
-------- 12/11 -------- Bama Slam Beg Tom Avinger If You Want My Love Laura Bell Bundy Ctry Yes
-------- 07/09 -------- Banca Cha Cha Beg/Int Winnie Yu Banca Banca E-Type Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/03T Bang Int Rhoda Lai Bang Bang Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj Pop Yes
-------- 12/08 12/07 Bang Bang Int Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward Bang Bang Jody Bernal Pop Yes
-------- 12/05 -------- Banjo Int Brandon Zahorsky Banjo Rascal Flatts Ctry Yes
05/09 -------- -------- Basha Int Michele Perron Cruising For Bruising Basia Pop Yes
13/03 -------- 13/04T Bass (The) Int Ria Vos Never Played The Bass Nabiha Pop Yes
06/08 07/07 -------- Batter Up Beg/Int John H. Robinson Swing Trace Adkins Ctry Yes
-------- 08/10 -------- Bayou City Twister Int Alfred Watkins Dance Twister Alley Ctry Yes
-------- 11/06 -------- BBQ Beg/Int Tammy Wyatt BBQ Billy J. White Ctry No
-------- 01/04 -------- BC Coaster (The) 2001 Adv Bill Bader Sold John Michael Montgomery Ctry Yes
-------- 18/04 18/04B Be Alright Imp John Robinson Everything's Gonna Be Alright David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney Ctry Yes
-------- 98/01 -------- Be-Bop-A-Lula Int Denny Hengen Be Bop A Lula Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
-------- 08/03 -------- Be Brave Int Robbie McGowan Hickie Brave Jennifer Lopez Pop No
-------- -------- 16/10B Be Happy Now Beg Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland Don't Worry Be Happy Overtones (The) Pop Yes
-------- -------- 13/01T Be Home Soon Int Ria Vos Better Be Home Soon George Canyon Ctry Yes
-------- 13/07 13/06M Be My Baby Now Int Rachael McEnaney & Vicky St. Pierre Be My Baby Leslie Grace Pop Yes
-------- 07/03 -------- Be Strong Beg/Int Audrey Watson Words 'I Love You' (The) Chris De Burgh Ctry Yes
-------- 15/03 -------- Beast of Burden Adv Roy Verdonk Beast Of Burden Little Texas Ctry Yes
-------- 07/07 -------- Beat Me Daddy Beg Jackie Follett (Beat Me Daddy) Eight To The Bar by The Dean Brothers Dean Brothers (The) Ctry Yes
-------- 07/06 -------- Before They Cheat Int Stephen Rutter & Glynn Holt Before He Cheats Carrie Underwood Ctry Yes
-------- 09/06 -------- Beautiful Int Shaz Walton Beautiful Akon Pop Yes
-------- 16/07 -------- Beautiful Drug Line Dance Int/Adv Keri Lyn Muszik & Darren Martin Beautiful Drug Zac Brown Band Ctry
14/12 -------- 14/11M Beautiful Goodbye Int Michael Barr Beautiful Goodbye Maroon 5 Pop Yes
16/06 12/09 12/12 Beautiful In My Eyes Int Simon Ward Beautiful In My Eyes Joshua Kadison Pop Yes
-------- 09/11 -------- Beautiful Tena Beg/Int Francien Sittrop Beautiful Tena Igor Cukrov World Yes
-------- 17/09 -------- Beautiful Wonderful Int Debbie Rushton & Jannie Tofte Andersen Little Me Little Mix Pop Yes
-------- 07/06 -------- Before They Cheat Int Stephen Rutter & Glynn Holt Before He Cheats Carrie Underwood Ctry
13/06 08/08 -------- Beer For My Horses Beg/Int Christine Bass Beer For My Horses Toby Keith Ctry Yes
07/01 08/09 -------- Before The Devil Beg/Int Alan G. Birchall If You're Going Through Hell Rodney Atkins Ctry Yes
-------- 07/03 06/07 Behind Closed Doors Int Norman Gifford Behind Closed Doors Jane McDonald Pop Yes
-------- 05/06 -------- Believe (I) Int Crazy Chris If There's Any Justice Lemar Pop
-------- -------- 11/09 Believing In The Power Int S Kristensen + J Brendholt Love Can Build A Bridge Westlife Pop Yes
07/01 07/04 -------- Bella Bella Beg/Int Cato Larsen Bella Bella Signorina Patrizio Buanne Pop
-------- -------- 12/12 Belle of Liverpool Int Audrey Watson Belle of Liverpool (The) Derek Ryan Gaelic Yes
15/02 -------- 14/12M Beneath It All Int Amy Glass Try Colbie Caillat Pop Yes
-------- -------- 11/08 Best Thing Int Frank Trace Best Thing About Me Is You (The) Ricky Martin & Joss Stone Pop Yes
-------- 06/09 -------- Betcha Neva Beg/Int Rob Fowler Betcha Never Cherie Pop Yes
-------- -------- 13/07T Better Believe Int Scott Blevins You Don’t Have to Believe Me Eric Hutchinson Pop Yes
-------- 15/11 15/11T Better When I'm Dancin Int Julia Wetzel Better When I'm Dancin' Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
-------- -------- 12/11T Better With You Int Ria Vos & Dee Musk Better With You Kris Allen Ctry Yes
12/12 -------- -------- Betty Lou Boogie Beg/Int Anita McNab Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight Bob Seger Pop Yes
07/03 07/07 -------- Bicycle Waltz Int Peter Heath Les Bicyclettes De Belsize Engelbert Humperdinck Pop Yes
-------- 11/06 -------- Big Bang Int Will Craig Big Bang (The) Rock Mafia Pop Yes
13/02 -------- -------- Big Bang Boogie Beg/Int Michele Burton Big Bang Boogie Scooter Lee Pop Yes
08/03 -------- -------- Big Blonde and Beautiful Int Michele Burton Big Blonde & Beautiful Queen Latifah Pop Yes
05/12 05/12 -------- Big Blue Note Beg Jan Smith Big Blue Note Toby Keith Ctry Yes
16/02 -------- 16/01B Big Blue Tree Beg Ria Vos Big Blue Tree Michael English Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 11/08 Big Easy (The) Beg Rose Grant Runaround Sue Del Shannon Pop
-------- 08/04 -------- Big Girls Boogie Beg Christine Bass Big Girls (You Are Beautiful) Mika Pop
-------- -------- 10/11 Big Jimmy Beg/Int Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Big Jimmy And Felicidad Graeme Connors Pop Yes
12/11 07/09 07/07 Big Love Beg/Int Robbie McGowan Hickie Big One (The) George Strait Ctry Yes
-------- 08/11 -------- Big Moments Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney Lost In This Moment Big & Rich Ctry Yes
15/03 -------- -------- Big Time Operator Int J&J Kinser, R Luna, P Sobrielo Big Time Operator Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Pop Yes
-------- 08/04 -------- Biker Chick Chick Beg/Int Pat & Lizzie Stott Biker Chick Jo Dee Messina Ctry No
11/04 -------- -------- Billie Jean Int Liz Surrey & Jacqui Fields Billie Jean Michael Jackson Pop Yes
-------- 08/11 -------- Billie Jean Beg Raymond Sarlemijn & Wild Horse Saloon Billie Jean Michael Jackson Pop Yes
-------- 16/06 -------- Billy Be Bad EZ Beg Modern Soles Billy Be Bad George Jones Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 10/03 Birds and the Bees (The) Int Michele Perron I'm Into Something Good Bird & The Bees (The) Pop Yes
-------- 11/10 -------- Bittersweet Memory Int Ria Vos Clouds David Nail Pop Yes
-------- -------- 12/07 Black & Blue Int/Adv Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Black & Blue Paloma Faith Pop Yes
-------- 16/08 -------- Black And White Adv Dee Musk Black And White Shires (The) Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/12M Black Betty's Worldwide Beg June Shuman Black Betty's Worldwide Xenia Ghali Pop Yes
-------- -------- 12/11T Black Eyed Boy Int Daniel Whittaker Ojos Negros Patricia Manterola Latin Yes
-------- -------- 12/08 Black Heart Int Kate Sala Black Heart Stooshe Pop Yes
05/08 05/05 05/05 Black Horse Int Kate Sala Black Horse And The Cherry Tree K.T. Tunstall Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/09M Black Magic Int Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Black Magic Little Mix Pop Yes
17/03 -------- -------- Blackpool By The Sea Imp Gaye Teather Blackpool By The Sea Dave Sheriff Pop Yes
-------- 12/05 12/05 Blarney Roses (The) Beg/Int Maggie Gallagher Where The Blarney Roses Grow Willoughby Brothers (The) Pop Yes
17/06 -------- -------- Blessed Int Jackie Miranda Blessed Elton John Pop Yes
-------- 17/02 17/01T Blue Ain't Your Color Int Roy Verdonk & José Miguel Belloque Vane Blue Ain't Your Color Keith Urban Ctry Yes
08/03 -------- 08/03 Blue Finger Lou Int/Adv Max Perry & AT Kinson Blue Finger Lou Anne Murray Pop Yes
-------- 15/10 -------- Blue Lights Chasing Int/Adv Joey Warren We Went Randy Houser Ctry Yes
12/03 10/08 10/11 Blue Night Cha Beg Kim Ray Blue Night Michael Learns To Rock Pop Yes
-------- -------- 13/07B Blue Over Me Beg Francien Sittrop Blue Derek Ryan Ctry Yes
14/06 -------- -------- Blueberry Chill Beg Gaye Teather Blueberry Hill Mike Kelly Pop Yes
12/03 -------- -------- Bluebird Beg/Int Jan Wylie Bluebird Anne Murray Pop Yes
-------- 06/09 -------- Blue Rose Is Beg Darrell & Doris Aldrich Blue Rose Pam Tillis Ctry Yes
13/11 13/06 13/06T Blurred Lines Adv Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno Blurred Lines Robin Thicke Pop Yes
-------- -------- 13/12B Blurry Lines Beg Alison Johnstone Blurred Lines Robin Thicke Pop Yes
-------- 08/02 -------- Blusher Beg Kate Sala Jambalaya Eddy Raven Pop Yes
11/01 10/05 10/05 Bobbi With An I Beg Rachael McEnaney Bobbi With An I Phil Vassar Ctry Yes
-------- 14/09 14/10 Body Goes Boom Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney Boom Boom Justice Crew Pop Yes
-------- 17/04 -------- Bollywood 45 Beg Guillaume RICHARD & Jose M Belloque Vane Love You Zindagi (club mix) Amit Trivedi & Alia Bhatt World Yes
15/09 -------- 15/06B Bomp (The) Imp Kim Ray Who Put The Bomp Overtones (The) Pop Yes
-------- 07/05 -------- Bomshel Stomp Beg/Int Jamie Marshall & Karen Hedges Bomshel Stomp Bomshel Pop Yes
-------- 07/05 -------- Boo Boo's Bounce Int/Adv Scott Blevins Bounce T-Bone Pop Yes
-------- -------- 08/02 Boogie Woogie Beg Patricia E. Stott Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Marie Osmond Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/04T Boom Pow Int Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski Boom Pow Alexander Stan Pop Yes
-------- 13/03 13/05T Boom Sh-Boom Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney Boom Sh-Boom Martin Sexton Pop Yes
10/09 -------- -------- Boot Scooters Boogie (The) Int Rick Bowen Boot Scootin Boogie Brooks & Dunn Ctry Yes
-------- 93/01 -------- Boot Scootin' Boogie Beg Unknown Boot Scootin Boogie Brooks & Dunn Ctry Yes
18/04 -------- -------- Boots Int Maddison Glover Boots Kesha Pop Yes
-------- 09/11 -------- Boots On Beg Bayley Brown Boots On Randy Houser Ctry Yes
-------- 13/06 -------- Booty Chuk Int/Adv Scott Blevins & Lou Ann Schemmel Tonite Addictiv Pop Yes
06/10 06/10 -------- Bop The B Beg Kathy Brown & Linda Bowers Bob The B Billy Swan Pop Yes
17/01 17/02 17/03B Bored Beg Ria Vos Bored To Death Eric Hutchinson Pop Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- Born To Be Great Beg Conrad Farnham Some Town Somewhere Kenny Chesney Ctry Yes
-------- 98/03 -------- Born To Boogie Int Ian St.Leon Born To Boogie Hank Williams Jr. Ctry No
-------- 15/04 -------- BoSS Int Scott Blevins & Maria Magg BoSS Fifth Harmony Pop Yes
07/05 07/04 -------- Bosa Nova Beg/Int Phil Dennington Bossa Nova Jane McDonald World Yes
-------- 08/10 08/10 Bossy Int/Adv Michele Perron Bossy Lindsay Lohan Pop Yes
-------- 15/07 -------- Boston Strong Beg Mimi Leary Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond Pop Yes
-------- -------- 13/02 Bottle of Wine Beg Dawn Rathburn I'll Take It From There Chris Young Ctry Yes
-------- 10/12 10/09 Box It Up Int Craig Bennett Box Of Secrets Zarif Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 15/09B Boy Girl Thing Imp Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Boy & A Girl Thing MoPitney Ctry Yes
09/11 -------- -------- Boyfriend Of The Year Beg/Int Yvonne Anderson Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year McClymonts (The) Ctry Yes
-------- 15/12 16/01 Boys Like You Int Rachael McEnaney-White Boys Like You Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande Pop Yes
-------- 12/08 12/08 Boys Will Be Boys Int Rachael McEnaney Boys Will Be Boys Paulina Rubio Pop Yes
-------- 09/03 09/03 Boys Will Be Boys Beg Gaye Teather That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy Toby Keith Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 14/03M Brave Int R. Palmer, L. Hilbert & L. Dennis Brave Sara Bareilles Pop Yes
09/01 08/11 08/12 Brazil Beg Frank Trace Brazil Bellini Pop Yes
11/03 -------- -------- Break Away Beg Max Perry Break Away Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
-------- 06/07 06/07T Break Free Cha Int/Adv Scott Blevins Want To Break Free (I) Queen Pop Yes
-------- -------- 09/10 Break Your Heart Int/Adv Shaz Walton Break Your Heart/td> Taio Cruz Pop Yes
-------- -------- 09/12 Break The Dawn Int Neville Fitzgerald, Paul McAdam & Peter Metelnick We Break The Dawn Michelle Williams Remix Ft. Flo Rida Pop Yes
-------- -------- 09/02 Breakin Dishes Beg/Int Michele Perron Breakin' Dishes Rihanna Pop Yes
-------- -------- 12/05 Breathing Int Francien Sittrop Breathing Jason Derulo Pop Yes
-------- 13/04 12/12 Breathless Int Karl-Harry Winson Catch My Breath Kelly Clarkson Pop Yes
-------- 07/07 07/07 Bridge Over Troubled Water Beg/Int Peter & Alison Bridge Over Troubled Water (Love To Infinity Radio Mix) by Hannah Jones Pop Yes
-------- -------- 11/02 Bright Lights Big City Beg/Int Bill Ray Bright Lights, Big City Cee Lo Green Pop Yes
06/10 07/01 -------- Brighter Day Beg/Int Michele Perron Brighter Day George Huff Pop Yes
11/11 -------- 11/08 Bring Me Sunshine Beg/Int Darren Bailey & Roy Verdonk Bring Me Sunshine Jive Aces (The) Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 -------- Bring Me The Night Int/Adv Rhoda Lai Bring me the Night Sam Tsui Pop Yes
-------- -------- 12/03 Bring Me To Life Int Ria Vos Bring Me To Life Katherine Jenkins Pop Yes
-------- -------- 09/03 Broken Glass Int Scott Blevins Found A New Love Bryn Christopher Pop Yes
-------- -------- 09/12 Broken Heels Int Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell Broken Heels Alexandra Burke Ctry Yes
-------- 10/04 -------- Broken Stones Beg Dee Musk Broken Stones Paul Weller Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 08/07 Brother Louie Int Geri Morrison Brother Louie Modern Talking Pop Yes
-------- 11/10 -------- Brown Chicken Brown Cow Beg Ed Royko Brown Chicken Brown Cow Trace Adkins Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 13/03M Bruises Beg/Int Niels Poulsen Bruises Train Pop Yes
-------- 15/01 15/01T Bubbles Dahhhling Int Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen Break Free Ariana Grande, Ft/ Zedd Pop Yes
-------- 10/07 10/08 Bug Dance (The) Beg Francien Sittrop Do The Bug With Me Billy Bland Pop Yes
-------- 17/03 -------- Built To Last Imp Tina Argyle Under The Hood Billy Ray Cyrus Ctry Yes
17/11 -------- -------- Bullfrog On A Log Beg Cef Decaney Gotta Feeling Tim Hicks ft. Blackjack Billy Ctry Yes
-------- 06/08 -------- Bumpin & A Swingin Beg/Int Double Trouble Tail on The Tailgate Neal McCoy Ctry No
11/03 11/01 11/02 Burlesque Int Norman Gifford Welcome To Burlesque Cher Pop Yes
-------- 10/11 10/10 Burn It Down Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris DJ Got Us Fallin'In Love Usher Ft. Pitbull Pop Yes
-------- 10/09 10/07 Burn It Up Int Robbie McGowan Hickie Burn It Up Jessie James Pop Yes
-------- 11/03 -------- Bust A Move Beg Jo & John Kinser/P Sobrielo Bust A Move Glee Cast Pop Yes
-------- -------- 11/01 Busy Beg/Int Jo & John Kinser Busy Olly Mur Pop Yes
-------- 09/11 -------- But I Do Beg Patricia E. Stott But I Do Charlie Pride Ctry No
07/05 -------- -------- Butter Beans Beg/Int Christopher Petre Head South Neal McCoy Ctry Yes
-------- 05/05 -------- Buy Me A Drink Beg Maggie Gallagher Do You Still Wanna Buy Me That Drink Lorrie Morgan Ctry Yes
-------- 12/08 12/07 Buzz Me Beg/Int Frank Trace Buzz Buzz Buzz Huey Lewis & The News Pop Yes
04/07 04/05 -------- Bye Bye Int Kate Sala Bye Bye David Civera Pop Yes