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 Year &  Month  Taught
AZBD↕ BNS↕ DWZ↕ Dance Name ↕ Level ↕ Choreographer ↕ Music ↕ Artist ↕ Genre ↕ VID
-------- 21/02 -------- Let's Start Living Again Imp Ira Weisburd Let's Start Living Again Ronnie Beard Ctry Yes
2021/02 Country In 3 Imp Burton, Glover, Szymanski Country In Me Lauren Alaina Ctry Yes
-------- 21/02 -------- Raise Your Glass Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney Raise Your Glass Pink Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/09 All I Am Is You Q Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris All I Am Jess Glynne Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/09 Girl With The Fishing Rod Q Imp Christian Yang Girl WitH The Fishing Rod Lisa McHugh Ctry Yes
-------- 18/09 -------- Light A Candle Q Adv Fred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever Losing Sleep Chris Young Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/09 Love Is The Name Q Imp Alison Johnstone Love Is The Name Sofia Carson Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/09 Simple As Can Be Q Imp Julia Wetzel Simple Florida Georgia Line Ctry Yes
-------- 18/08 -------- New Tattoo Q Imp Rob Holley New Tattoo Tim Hicks Ctry Yes
-------- 18/08 -------- One Moment In Time Q Int Stephen Paterson One Moment In Time Whitney Houston Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/08M The Eurodance Q Int Team Europe, Dee Musk Solo Clean Bandit Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/08M Uphill Battle Q Int Joey Warren Uphill Battle Rozzi Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/08B Mama Mia! Why Me? Beg Lee Hamilton Why Did It Have To Be Me Josh Dylan Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/08B Damn!!!!! Imp Rob Fowler Damn! Brett Kissel Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/08M Lost In Love Q Int Maddison Glover & Simon Ward Already Gone Mitchell Lee Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/08M Groovy Love Q Int Whitehouse & Trepat & Dehlgren If Jesus Loves Me Saint Lanvain, Rahmsed Pop Yes
-------- 18/08 -------- The Language Of Love Q Int Niels Poulsen F.U. Little Mix Pop Yes
-------- 18/07 -------- Taps Q Int/Adv Darren Bailey Waiting For You Taps Pop Yes
-------- 18/07 -------- Unforgettable Q Beg Conrad Farnham Unforgettable Thomas Rhettt Ctry Yes
-------- 18/07 -------- Can't Even Dance Q
-------- 18/08 -------- The Language Of Love Q Int Niels Poulsen F.U. Little Mix Pop Yes
Int Linda McCormick, Rachael McEnaney-White Can't Dance Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
-------- 18/07 -------- Vampire City Q Adv Niels Poulsen & Shane McKeever Ghost Town Adam Lambert Pop Yes
-------- 18/07 -------- Redneck Angel Q Beg Cheri Litzenburg and Renae Filiou Merry Go Round The JaneDear Girls Pop Yes
-------- 18/07 -------- Mind Up Q Adv J miguel Belloque Vane & JP Madge Hands Up Merk & Kremont, ft. DNCE Pop Yes
-------- 18/07 -------- The Wolf Q Imp Jonno Liberman The Wolf Spencer Lee Band Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/07B Get It Right Q Imp Josh Talbot Hard Not To Love It Steve Moakler Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/07M California Dreamin Q Adv Dee Musk California Dreamin Sia Pop Yes
-------- 18/06 -------- Charlie's Got It Goin On Q Int Cam W Shores How Long Charlie Puth Pop Yes
-------- 18/06 -------- Always Let You Down Q Imp José miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume RICHARD Next To Me Imagine Dragons Pop Yes
-------- 18/06 18/07M Make Way Adv Fred Whitehouse, Guillaume Richard, Derek Steele Make Way Aloe Blocc Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/06B Snap Q Beg Vivienne Scott Anthem Brett Kissel Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/06M Goosebumps Q Imp Ivonne Verhagen & Ria Vos Goosebumps Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
-------- 18/06 -------- Naked Q Adv Scott Blevins, Rhoda Lai Naked James Arthur Pop Yes
-------- 18/06 -------- Good Vibration Q Adv Rebecca Lee John Pierre Madge Sweet Sensation Flo Rida Pop Yes
-------- 18/06 --------">Beautiful Flames Q Adv Gary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher Ashes Celine Dion Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/06M Tell Me You Love Me Q Adv Maddison Glover Tell Me You Love Me Galantis & Throttle Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/06M Vancouver Fireworks Q Int Roy Verdonk, Jeff Camps That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In Patty Loveless Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/06M Taking Chances Q Int Ria Vos Wouldn't Be Love If It Didn't Tina Arena Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/06 Hasta Luego Q Int Debbie Rushton Hasta Luego HRVY & Melu Trevejo Pop Yes
-------- 18/06 -------- I'm One Of Those Adv Daniel Trepat (NL), José m Belloque Vane One Of Those Canaan Smith Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/06 Texas Time Q Int Josh Talbot Texas Time Keith Urban Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/05B Mexican Cantina Beg Tina Argyle Come A Little Bit Closer Alan Gregory Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/05B Adventure 45 Imp Ria Vos & José miguel Belloque Vane Best Adventure Leaving Thomas Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/05M Beautifully Broken Q Int Tina Argyle, Kim Ray & Pat Stott Beautifully Broken John Berry Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/05M Vanotek Cha Q Int Gary O'Reilly Back To Me Vanotek Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 -------- Bring Me The Night Int/Adv Rhoda Lai Bring me the Night Sam Tsui Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 18/05 Can't Cry Pretty Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Cry Pretty Carrie Underwood Ctry Yes
-------- 18/05 -------- Cold Feet Int Gary O'Reilly Cold Feet Tenille Arts Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 -------- Do It Like This Int/Adv Scott Blevins & Megan Wheeler Do It Like This Daphne Willis Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 -------- Get Wavey Adv Tim Johnson & Rebecca Lee & Jean Pierre Madge Wavey Cliq, ft. Alika Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 -------- Half a Cha Beg Rob Fowler Half A song Cody Johnson Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/05B Hey You Beg Gary Lafferty Come On Over To My Place Drifters (The) Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 -------- Insomniac Int Jean-Pierre Madge, Tim Johnson Insomniac TimeFlies Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 -------- Nice To Meet Ya Int R Verdonk, D Trepat, L Bartolomei Mona Lisa Rak-Su Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 -------- Say Yes! Adv Tim Johnson Yes Louisa ft. 2 chainz, Pop Yes
-------- 18/07 18/05B Throwback Beg Adrian Churm Throwback James Barker Band Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/05B True Love, George Beg Rosie Multari The Way You Look Tonight Maroon 5 Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/04M What I Miss Most Q Int Maggie Gallagher Gary O'Reilly What I Miss Most Calum Scott Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/04M Hold A Candle Q Int Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Hold A Candle Jesse James Decker Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/04M Something I Can't Have Q Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Say Something Justin Timberlake feat. Chris Stapleton Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/04M Mood Swings Q Int Michael Vera-Lobos That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In Patty Loveless Ctry No
-------- -------- 18/04M Gypsy In The Night Q Int Scott Blevins No Roots Alice Merton Pop No
-------- -------- 18/04B Adventure 45 Imp Ria Vos & José miguel Belloque Vane Best Adventure Leaving Thomas Pop Yes
-------- 18/04 -------- Back Road Body Imp Wendy McLean Body Like A Backroad Sam Hunt Ctry No
-------- 18/04 18/04B Be Alright Imp John Robinson Everything's Gonna Be Alright David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney Ctry Yes
18/04 18/06> 18/03M Boots Int Maddison Glover Boots Kesha Pop Yes
-------- 18/04 -------- Come Alive Int Shane McKeever, Rachael McEnaney-White Come Alive Hugh Jackman, Keala Settle Pop Yes
-------- 18/04 -------- Dive Right In Int Will Craig Dive Ed Sheeran Pop Yes
-------- 18/05 18/04B Do It Like This Beg Jonno Liberman Do It Daphne Willis Pop Yes
18/04 18/04 18/04B Doing The Walk Imp Van Grootel, Verdonk Walk of Shame Eight To The Bar Ctry Yes
-------- 18/04 -------- Lil Mama Int Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski Lil Mama Jain Pop Yes
-------- 18/04 -------- Lost Adv Daniel Trepat, Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey Lost Anouk Pop Yes
-------- 18/04 -------- Mates of Soul Adv Guillaume RICHARD, Niels Poulsen, Gary O'Reilly Mates of Soul (The) Taylor John Williams Pop Yes
-------- 18/04 -------- Ms Marianne Beg Frank Trace Ms Marianne Levon Ctry Yes
18/04 -------- -------- Sambarito Int Kim Ray, Pat Stott, Tina Argyle 1,2,3 Sofia Reyes Pop Yes
18/04 -------- -------- The River Waltz Beg Iris Mooney Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Kenny Rogers Ctry No
-------- 18/04 -------- Watch The Tempo Adv Joey Warren, Fred Whitehouse Mad Love Sean Paul Pop Yes
18/04 18/05 18/04B Whiskey Bridges Beg Maddison Glover Whiskey Under The Bridge Brooks & Dunn Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/03M Capital Letters Q Int Maggie Gallagher Capital Letters Hailee Steinfeld Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/03B A Bit Lit Imp Norm Gifford Lit Trace Adkins Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/03M Til I'm Done Q Int Neville Fitzgerald Julie Harris Til I'm Done Paloma Faith Pop Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- Born To Be Great Beg Conrad Farnham Some Town Somewhere Kenny Chesney Ctry Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- Chicken Truck Beg Rick Todd Chicken Truck Shane Owens Ctry Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- Don't Stay For Me Int F Whitehouse, J Belloque Vane, JP Madge Don't Stay X Ambassadors Pop Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- Follow My Footprints Int Gary O'Reilly Footprints Molly Kate Kestner Po Yes
18/04 18/03 -------- K Is For Kicks Beg Christopher Gonzalez Feel It Still Portugal The Man Pop Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- Leave A Light On Adv Guillaume RICHARD Leave A Light On Tom Walker Ctry Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- Rather Than Talking Int Guillaume RICHARD Rather Than Talking Holly Siz World Yes
-------- -------- 18/03B Rebel Just For Kicks Imp Ria Vos Feel It Still Portugal. The Man Pop Yes
18/04 18/03 -------- Rocket To The Sun Beg Maddison Glover What You've Done to Me Samantha Jade Pop Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- Sultry! Int Rob Fowler Perfidia John Altman Pop Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- We'll Stay Young Int Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume RICHARD & Shane McKeever The Rest of Our Life Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Ctry Yes
-------- 18/03 -------- What Makes You Country Beg Rob Holley What Makes You Country Luke Bryan Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/02B 85 Int Rachael McEnaney[White & Kerry Maus 85 Andy Grammar Pop Yes
-------- 18/02 -------- Acoustic Love Int Fred Whitehouse Till It Hurts by Rico Greene Rico Greene Pop Yes
18/02 -------- -------- Don't Sit Around and Dream Int Craig Bennett The Natural Thing Bryan White Ctry No
-------- -------- 18/02 All The Kings Horses Q Int Peter & Alison Out Of Sight Midland Ctry Yes
-------- 18/02 18/02M Funk The Preacher Man Int Gary O'Reilly Amen Matthew West Pop Yes
18/02 18/03 -------- Havana Cha -(FD) Beg Ria Vos Havana Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug World Yes
18/04 18/02 18/02M Pull You Through Int Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski Pull You Through Maggie Rose Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/02B Sleepy Eyes Imp Andrew & Sheila Palmer Blue Bayou Niamh Lynn Ctry Yes
-------- 18/02 -------- Stars In The Night Sky Int Paul James Never Enough Loren Allred Pop Yes
-------- 18/02 -------- That Ceiling Feeling Int Rachael McEnaney-White Dancing On the Ceiling Nick Wells Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/02B VIP Imp Dwight Meesen I Like It Robbie Nevil Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/01B All The Same (aka We Danced) Beg Roy Verdonk We Danced Brad Paisley Ctry Yes
-------- 18/01 -------- Dunk It! Int/Adv Dee Musk: Kate Sala: Niels Poulsen Swish Swish (Clean Ver) Katy Perry Pop Yes
18/01 -------- -------- Havana Ooh Na Na-(CJ) Int Julia Wetzel Havana Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug World Yes
18/01 -------- -------- Honkeytonk Highway Newcomer Kelly Cavallaro Honky Tonk Highway Luc Combs Ctry Yes
-------- 18/01 -------- I'll Name The Dogs Imp Gail Smith I'll Name The Dogs Blake Shelton Ctry Yes
-------- 18/01 -------- It's Working Int Dan Morrison It's Working James Barker Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 18/01B Lipstick Tango Beg Michele Burton The Lipstick On His Collar Caro Emerald Pop Yes
-------- -------- 18/01M People Are Good Imp Gary O\Reilly Most People Are Good Luke Bryan Ctry Yes
18/04 18/01 18/03M Perfect Int Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot Perfect/td> Ed Sheeran Pop Yes
-------- 18/01 -------- The Last Word Int Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto The Last Word Frances Pop Yes
-------- 18/01 18/01M Tightrope Int Rachael McEnaney-White Tightrope Michelle Williams Pop Yes
-------- 18/01 -------- To The Moon & Back Int Gary O'Reilly & Debbie Rushton Moon & Back Alice Kristiansen Pop Yes
-------- 18/01 -------- You Are The Reason Adv Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris You Are The Reason Calum Scott Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/12M Everybody's Got A Secret Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Secrets Pink Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/12M Friends For Life Int Tracie Lee, Maddison Glover & Simon Ward Whole Lot In Love Austin Burke Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/12 Hot Damn Int Scott Blevins & Rachael McEnaney White Hot Damn Shadowboxers (The) Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/12B Life's About Imp Dwight Meessen & Lee Hamilton Life's About To Get Good Shania Twain Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 17/12 Lights Down Low Int Rebecca Lee & Guyton Mundy Lghts Down Low Max Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/12 Muddy Waters Adv Darren Bailey Muddy Waters LP Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/11M Act Like A Man! Int Niels Poulsen You Gotta Not Little Mix Ctry Yes
-------- 17/11 -------- All Katchi, All Night Long Int Kerry Maus KATCHI Ofenbach & Nick Waterhouse Pop Yes
-------- 17/11 -------- Baby Why Not Tonight Beg Kat Painter Why Not Tonight Neal McCoy Ctry Yes
17/11 -------- -------- Bullfrog On A Log Beg Cef Decaney Gotta Feeling Tim Hicks ft. Blackjack Billy Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 17/11M Crybaby Int Gary O'Reilly & Helen O'Malley Crybaby Paloma Faith Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/11B Dance Her Home Imp Rob Fowler Dance Her Home Cody Johnson Ctry Yes
-------- 17/11 18/01M Guilty As Hell Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Guilty Paloma Faith Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/11 Just A Two Steppin' Beg Norman Gifford, Jo Thompson Szymanski Joy's Gonna Come in the Morning Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
17/11 -------- -------- Love You More Beg Amy Glass, Darren Bailey Love You More Mount Casmore Pop Yes
-------- 17/11 -------- Oh Mama Hey Int Guyton Mundy and Jo Thompson Szymanski Oh Mama Hey Chris Cox and DJ Frankie Pop Yes
-------- 17/11 -------- Part-time Girlfriend Int Scott Blevins, Joey Warren and Guyton Mundy Make Me No. 1 Felicia Olsson Pop Yes
-------- 17/11 -------- Please Stay Int Ria Vos Please Stay Bryan Adams Pop Yes
-------- 17/11 -------- Sexy Beaches Adv Dee Musk, Fred Whitehouse, Guyton Mundy, Niels Poulsen Sexy Beaches Pitbull feat. Chloe Angelides Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/11M Should be Loved Int Rachael McEnaney-White You Should Be Loved Hunter Hayes Ctry Yes
17/11 18/03 18/01B Sweet Caroline Imp Darren Bailey, Amy Glass Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/11 Tension Adv Gary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher Tension Fergie Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/11 Trompeta Int Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard & Neils Poulsen Trompeta Tom Boxer & Morena/td> Pop Yes
-------- 17/10 -------- Dancing In The Daylight Imp Maggie Gallagher Dancing In The Daylight Scouting For Girls Pop Yes
-------- 17/10 17/11B Down On Your Uppers Beg Gary O'Reilly Down On Your Uppers Derek Ryan Ctry Yes
-------- 17/10 -------- Helium Int Will Craig Helium Sia Pop Yes
18/02 17/10 -------- Hurts Like A Cha Cha Int Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat & Fred Whitehouse Nothing Ever Hurt Like You James Morrison Pop Yes
-------- 17/10 -------- Imagine Adv Gemma Ridyard I Can Only Imagine Mercy Me Pop Yes
-------- 17/10 -------- Lay It Back Adv Shane Mckeever, Guyton Mundy, Fred Whitehouse Perm Bruno Mars Pop Yes
-------- 17/10 18/01M Melodia Int Kim Ray, Tina Aegyle La Melodia Joey Montana Pop Yes
-------- 17/10 -------- Stop And Drink Beg Rick Todd Stop And Drink George Strait Ctry No
-------- 17/10 -------- Think I'm Sexy Int Rachael McEnaney-White, Laura Lopez Da Ya Think I'm Sexy Rod Stewart Pop Yes
-------- 17/09 18/03 Beautiful Wonderful Int Debbie Rushton & Jannie Tofte Andersen Little Me Little Mix Pop Yes
17/09 18/03 -------- Drinking Problem Imp Darren Bailey Drinkin' Problem Midland Ctry Yes
-------- 17/09 -------- Everybody's Groovin! Int Jo Thompson Szymanski, Rhoda Lai Everybody's Groovin' MaxAMillion Pop Yes
-------- 17/09 -------- Goodbye For Now Beg José miguel Belloque Vane Goodbye Juanes World Yes
-------- 17/09 -------- Hot to Touch Adv Jean-Pierre Madge Hot2touch Felix Jaehn, Hight, Alex Aiono World Yes
-------- 17/09 -------- I Am Your Man Int/Adv Fred Whitehouse, Niels Poulsen I Am Your Man Seal Pop Yes
17/10 17/09 -------- Lonely Drum Imp Darren Mitchell Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin Ctry Yes
-------- 17/09 -------- The Evening News Waltz Beg Double Trouble When Someone Stops Loving You Little Big Town Ctry Yes
-------- 17/08 -------- Against All Odds Int Simon Ward Against All Odds Phil Collins Pop Yes
-------- 17/08 -------- Got Your Number Int Darren Bailey Got Your Number Serena Ryder Pop Yes
-------- 17/08 -------- Peculiar Game Int Fred Whitehouse, Georgina Dixon Stronger Game Clean Bandit Pop Yes
-------- 17/08 -------- Power Mix Int Maddison Glover Power Little Mix Pop Yes
-------- 17/08 -------- Up In Here Adv Shea McCafferty Up In Here 5 After Midnight Pop Yes
17/12 17/08 17/11B Wandering Hearts Imp Gary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher Wish I Could Wandering Hearts Ctry Yes
-------- 17/07 -------- At It Again (Don't Wanna Know Novice Derek Steele, John Robinson Don't Wanna Know Maroon 5 Pop Yes
17/07 -------- -------- The One You're Waiting On Int Maddison Glover The One You're Waiting On Alan Jackson Ctry Yes
17/07 17/09 -------- Lonely Drum Int Darren Mitchell Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin Ctry Yes
-------- 17/07 -------- Right Here Right Int Daniel Trepat & Others Two Fux Adam Lambert Pop Yes
-------- 17/07 -------- We're In Heaven Int Gary O'Reilly Heaven Shane Filan Ctry Yes
-------- 17/07 -------- You Got Me And I Got You Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Unpredictable Olly Murs Pop Yes
-------- 17/07 17/06B 1159 Beg Rachael McEnaney-White 11:59 (Central Standard Time) Railers (The) Pop Yes
17/06 -------- -------- Blessed Int Jackie Miranda Blessed Elton John Pop Yes
17/06 -------- -------- Clap Clap Clap Int Amy Glass Clap Your Hands Leo Soul Pop Yes
17/06 17/10 -------- Clap Snap Int Philip Sobrielo, Rebecca Lee Clap Snap Icona Pop Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/06M Cry For Me Int Debbie Rushton Cry Faith Hill Ctry Yes
-------- 17/06 -------- First Thing First Int/Adv Klara Wallman & Lina Hökdahl Believer Imagine Dragons Pop Yes
-------- 17/06 -------- Holdin' Me Back Int Shane McKeever Theres Nothing Holding Me Back Shawn Mendes Pop Yes
17/06 -------- 18/03 I'm Free Int R Sarlemijn & R Verdonk & Jill Babinec Love My Life Robbie Williams Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/06B Lonely Drum Nov Judy McDonald Lonely Drum Eric Goodvin Ctry Yes
-------- 17/06 -------- Love's Just A Feeling Int Maggie Gallagher Love's Just A Feeling Lindsey Stirling Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/06T Straight To The Castle Adv/Ctra Joey Warren Castle Halsey Pop Yes
17/06 -------- -------- Once Is Enough Beg Roger Neff Once Is Enough Elvis Presley Pop Yes
-------- 17/06 -------- Serious Love Adv Scott Blevins and Megan Wheeler Serious Love Anya Marin Pop Yes
17/06 -------- -------- Sisters Beg Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehorse Sisters Bette Midler Pop No
-------- 17/06 -------- Slowly, Gently Softly (SGS) Int Gary O'Reilly Despacito (Remix) Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee (feat. Justin Bieber) Pop Yes
-------- 17/06 -------- Somebody Wants You Int Trepat, Poulsen, Fitzgerald, Harris, Hadisubroto, Murray Somebody's Me Enrique Iglesias Pop Yes
-------- 17/06 -------- Throwback Love Int P Van Grootel, J m B Vane, R Sarlemijn, J-P Madge Throwback Love Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/06M Work, Work Imp/Int Darren Bailey, Rob Fowler Go To Work Cat Beach Pop Yes
17/06 -------- -------- You're Only Young Once Beg Micaela Svensson Erlandsson You're Only Young Once Derek Ryan Ctry Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- Clapeezy Beg Forty Arroyo Handclap Fitz & The Tantrums Pop Yes
17/07 17/12 17/05B Champagne Promise Beg Tina Argyle Champagne Promise David Nail Pop Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- Get Down The Fiddle Beg Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Louisiana Saturday Night Robert Mizzell Ctry Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- Grace Adv Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Grace Rag n Bone Man Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 17/05M In The Cheap Seats Imp Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Cheap Seats Dallas Smith Ctry Yes
-------- 17/05 17/05M Kissing Strangers Int Rachael McEnaney-White, Simon Ward Kissing Strangers DNCE Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/05T Lady In Red Adv Simon Ward Lady In Red Chris DeBurgh Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/05M Lay Our Flowers Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Lay Our Flowers Down Lady Antebellum Ctry Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- Legendary Adv José miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland Legendary Welshly Arms Pop Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- Let It Out Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney-White Let It Out Charlie Wilson Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/05B My Devotion Beg Rhoda Lai Devotion Coleman Hell Pop Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- Numero Una Int Verdonk, Scott, Richard, Buckley Una En Un Millon Joey Montana World Yes
-------- -------- 17/05B Old and Grey Imp Rob Fowler Old and Grey Derek Ryan Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 17/05T Rhythm Inside Int Darren Bailey Rhythm Inside Callum Scott Ctry Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- She Used To Be Mine Adv Rachael McEnaney-White & Caroline Pillar She Used To Be Mine Sara Bareilles Pop Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- Slow Hands Nov Jose Miguel Belloque Vane Let It Out Niall Horan Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/05M Stomp Like Hell Int Rachael McEnaney-White Stomp Like Hell Moonshine Bandits Pop Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- Thank God For The Radio Beg Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Thank God For The Radio Kendalls (The) Pop Yes
-------- 17/05 -------- The Queen Imp R Lemaire, G RICHARD, G BACHELLERIE Tilted Christine and The Queens Pop Yes
-------- 17/04 -------- Bollywood 45 Beg Guillaume RICHARD & Jose M Belloque Vane Love You Zindagi (club mix) Amit Trivedi & Alia Bhatt World Yes
-------- 17/04 -------- Boom Pow Int Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski Boom Pow Alexander Stan Pop Yes
-------- 17/04 -------- Chase That Dollar Adv Dustin Betts Expensive Tori Kelly Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/04B Darling Stand By Me Beg Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Stand By Me Michael Bolton Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/04M Dig Your Heels Int Maddison Glover Here's To You & I McClymonts (The) Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 17/04T Doin' What I Like Adv Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris So Good Louisa Johnson Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/05T Refund To My Heart Int Ria Vos Love Back Brenna Whitaker Pop Yes
17/05 17/04 -------- Run Me Like A River Adv Kinsers, Verdonk, Camps, Guillame River Bishop Briggs Pop Yes
-------- 17/04 -------- Stuck In My Head Int Daniel Trepat, Rebecca Lee Outta My Head OG3NE Pop Yes
-------- 17/04 -------- Thy Will Int/ Adv Joey Warren Thy Will Hillary Scott Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/04M Whatchugot Imp Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Whatchugot Caro Emerald Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/04M Will Not Say Goodbye (I) Int Dee Musk I Will Not Say Goodbye Danny Gokey Pop Yes
-------- 17/03 -------- Built To Last Imp Tina Argyle Under The Hood Billy Ray Cyrus Ctry Yes
-------- 17/03 -------- Change My Ways Adv José miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk Change My Ways Mike Zito World Yes
-------- -------- 17/03M Chunky Int Caroline Pillar Chunky Bruno Mars Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/03B Dance For Evermore Imp Laura Sway Dance For Evermore Si Cranstoun Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/03T Dynamite Int Dee Musk Dynamite Nause, Ft. Pretty Sister Pop Yes
17/03 -------- -------- Flying High Beg/Int Jan Wylie Bluebird Anne Murray Pop Yes
17/08 17/03 -------- Ghost Of You (The) Int Roy Verdonk, & Sebastiaan Holtland Ghost of You (The) Caro Emerald Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/03M Handclap Int Bracken Ellis, Brandon Zahorsky Handclap Fitz and the Tantrums Pop Yes
-------- 17/03 -------- Heyday Beg Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Heyday Tonight Aaron Watson Ctry Yes
-------- 17/03 -------- Human After All Int Ria Vos Human Rag'n'Bone Man Pop Yes
-------- 17/03 -------- Jumpshot Nov J M Belloque Vane, & S Holtland Jumpshot Davin Pop Yes
17/03 17/03 -------- Nancy Mulligan Int Fiona Muurray & Roy Hadisubroto Shape of You Ed Sheeran Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/03T Na Na Ay! Adv Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps You Don't Know Me Jax Jones Pop Yes
17/03 -------- -------- Rockabye Baby EZ H Beg Suzi Beau Rockabye by Clean Bandit Clean Bandit Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/03T Stomp Your Feet Adv Shane McKeever Sing Pentatonix Pop Yes
17/03 -------- -------- Sunday Finest Novice/Beg José miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk Sunday Finest Sir Rosevelt Pop Yes
-------- 17/03 17/04T Thumbs Up Int Scott Blevins & Amy Glass Thumbs Sabrina Carpenter Pop No
-------- -------- 17/03M Tongue Tied Up Int Teresa & Vera Tongue Tied Earl Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/03M Whistle While You Work It Int Kinsers, Luna, Sobrielo, Lee Whistle While You Work It Katy Tiz Pop Yes
17/02 17/02 -------- Drop Dead Gorgeous Imp Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris They Can't See Michael Tyler Pop Yes
17/05 -------- 17/02M East To West 17 Imp Simon Ward & Alison Johnstone Play That Song Train Pop Yes
-------- 17/02 -------- Good Girls Imp Wil Bos Good Girls Elle King Pop Yes
-------- 17/02 -------- Happily Ever After Int Maddison Glover Too Good To Say Goodbye Bruno Mars Pop Yes
17/02 -------- -------- Head Over Boots H Beg Gail Smith Head Over Boots Jon Pardi Ctry Yes
17/03 -------- 17/02T Love Remains Int Gary O'Reilly Love Remains Hillary Scott & The Scott Family Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/03T Na Na Ay! Adv Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps You Don't Know Me Jax Jones Pop Yes
-------- 17/02 -------- One Small Shot Beg Louise G. Stripes Brandy Clark Pop No
-------- 17/02 17/04T Pink Champagne Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney-White Pink Champagne Nick Lopez Pop Yes
-------- 17/02 -------- The Anthem Int/Adv Scott Blevins Anthem (The) Griz Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/02T You Belong Int Robbie McGowan Hick & Jef Camps Belong Joshua Radin Pop Yes
17/01 -------- -------- Holy Cowgirl Imp Guyton Mundy Holy Cowgirl - Dance remix J. Michael Harter Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/01T Looking Like That Int Rachael McEnaney_White Lookin' Like That Jordan Fisher Pop Yes
-------- 17/02 -------- Love Centric Int Roy Verdonk, & Sebastiaan Holtland Love Centric Joe Thomas Pop Yes
17/02 -------- -------- Story Beg Roger Neff Story Drake White Ctry Yes
-------- 17/01 -------- Ain't Giving Beg Fred Whitehouse Ain't Giving Up Craig David & Sigala Pop Yes
17/02 17/02 17/01T Blue Ain't Your Color Int Roy Verdonk & José Miguel Belloque Vane Blue Ain't Your Color Keith Urban Ctry Yes
17/01 17/02 17/03B Bored Beg Ria Vos Bored To Death Eric Hutchinson Pop Yes
-------- 17/01 -------- Everywhere We Go Beg Julie Lockton Star Of The Show Thomas Rhett Ctry Yes
17/01 17/03 17/02 Galway Gathering (The) Abs Beg Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly Games People Play Nathan Carter Ctry Yes
-------- 17/01 -------- It's Gotta Be You Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris It's Gotta Be You Isaiah Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/01B Last Chance Dance Imp Maddison Glover Save The Last Dance For Me Human Nature Pop Yes
-------- -------- 17/01B Lonely Eyes Beg Betty Moses Lonely Eyes Chris Young Ctry Yes
17/01 -------- 17/03B Missing Imp Heather Barton Missing William Michael Morgan Ctry Yes
-------- 17/01 -------- One Reason Adv Hadisubroto, Mundy, Murray Million Reasons Lady Gaga Pop Yes
17/01 17/01 17/02M Oops Baby Int Cody Flowers, Rachael McEnaney White Oops Little Mix Pop Yes
17/01 17/02 17/02M Road Less Traveled (The) Int Guillame Richard Road Less Traveled Lauren Alaina Ctry Yes
-------- 17/01 -------- Sun Will Rise Adv Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps Sun Will Rise Kate Voegele Pop Yes
17/03 17/01 17/03M Tango With Me Darling Int Rob Fowler & Daniel Whittaker Tango Michael Nantel World Yes
-------- -------- 17/01M Tell Your Heart To Beat Again Int J Kinser, J Dahlgren, Michael Barr Tell Your Heart To Beat Again Danny Gokey Pop Yes
-------- 17/01 -------- Till The Diggy Dawn Int Will Craig, Danny Malenfant Diggy Spencer Ludwig Pop Yes
-------- 17/01 -------- Zoom Int Will Craig & Cody Flowers Zoom DNCE Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/12M Black Betty's Worldwide Beg June Shuman Black Betty's Worldwide Xenia Ghali Pop Yes
-------- 16/12 -------- Heartbeat Int Miguel Menendez Daniel Trepat Heartbeat Christopher Pop Yes
-------- 16/12 -------- I Guess I'm Loving You Int José miguel Belloque Vane Reignite Knox Brown, Gallant Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/12M Lit Int Trevor Thornton & Candee Seger Lit Trace Adkins Ctry Yes
-------- 16/12 -------- Mr. Santa Beg Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson Mr. Santa Nancy Hays Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/12B One More Chance Imp/Int Ria Vos One More Chance Maxi Priest Pop Yes
17/01 16/12 17/01M Shady Int D Bailey, F Whitehouse, A Glass Shady Adam Lambert Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/12T So Superstitious Adv Linda McCormack & Gary O'Reilly Superstitious MKTO Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/12M That Love Int Will Craig That Love Shaggy Pop Yes
-------- 16/12 -------- You Are The Star of The Show Imp Daniel Trepat Star Of The Show (The) Thomas Rhett Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 16/11B Can You 2 Step Beg Frank Trace Pick Me Up On Your Way Down Teea Goans Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 16/11M Chain Breaker Int Amy Glass Chain Breaker Zach Williams Pop Yes
-------- 16/11 -------- Come Home Int Gary O'Reilly Come Home Glenn & Ronan Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/11B Don't Give Up Int Vikki Morris Try Everything/td> Shakira< Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/11T Don't Need It Int Niels Poulsen Don't Need It (I) Jamie Foxx Pop Yes
-------- 16/11 -------- Heaven On Earth Int Simon Ward & Malene Jakobsen Anyone Roxette Pop Yes
16/11 -------- -------- Hey Stranger Imp Roy Verdonk & Amy Glass Hey Stranger Black Dylan Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/11B I Love Me Most Beg/Imp Betty Moses Love Me (I) Meghan Trainor & LunchMoney Lewis Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/11M If It Ain't Broke Int Amy Glass & Darren Bailey If It Ain’t Broke Sonny Cleveland Pop Yes
-------- 16/12 16/11M Italiano Int R. McEnaney-White, S. McKeever and N. Poulsen Mamma Mia (He's Italiano) Elena Pop Yes
16/11 -------- -------- Love Junk Imp Simon Ward & Chris Watson Love Drunk Steve Moakler Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/11B Midnight Walk Beg Frank Trace Walkin' After Midnight Cyndi Lauper Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/11B Rolling Rhythm Beg Michele Burton Girl Crush Little Big Town Ctry Yes
-------- 16/11 -------- Shelter In The Storm Imp Vivienne Scott, Double Trouble Fireproof Coleman Hell Ctry Yes
-------- 16/11 -------- Sound of Silence Int Guyton Mundy Sound of Silence Disturbed Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/11M Such A Shame Int Jonas Dahlgren & Malene Jakobsen We Don't Talk Anymore Charlie Puth Pop Yes
-------- 16/11 -------- Take Me To The Water Adv Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto To The Water Matt Simons Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/11T Tonight Again Int Jo T Szymanski, G. Mundy, J. Robinson Tonight Again Guy Sebastian Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/10M 7 Years Old Int Michael Barr 7 Years Old Lukas Graham Pop Yes
-------- 16/10 -------- Agua Y Fuego Beg Roy Verdonk, Ray Sarlemijn, Daniel Trepat Agua y Fuego Belle Perez World Yes
-------- -------- 16/10B Be Happy Now Beg Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland Don't Worry Be Happy Overtones (The) Pop Yes
-------- 16/10 16/12T Crash Int Fred Whitehouse Crash Usher Pop Yes
-------- 16/10 16/10B Crash and Burn Int Kate Sala Crash and Burn Thomas Rhett Ctry Yes
-------- 16/10 16/10T Falling Int Rachael McEnaney-White Falling Clare Bowen Ctry Yes
-------- 16/10 -------- Girls Talk ??? Fred Whitehouse Girls Talk Boys 5 Seconds of Summer Pop Yes
---- 16/10 ---- Hot Tamales Jr. Beg Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson Country Down To My Soul Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
-------- 16/10 -------- In Case You Didn't Know Int Vivienne Scott & Kim Ray In Case You Didn't Know Brett Young Ctry Yes
-------- 16/10 16/10T Keep It Groovin' Int Jo Thompson Szymanski, Scott Blevins Keep It Groovin' Extreme Music Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/10M Lemonade Int Jo Thompson Szymanski, Malene Jakobsen Lemonade Adam Friedman Pop Yes
-------- 16/10 16/11T Main Attraction Adv Jannie Tofte Andersen, Joey Warren, Kirsten Matthiessen Undress Rehearsal Timeflies Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/10B Movin' and a Groovin' Imp Jo Thompson Szymanski Movin' and a Groovin' Eugene Hideaway Bridges Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/10M Na Na Na Novice Kate Sala, Rob Fowler Na Na Na Pentatonix Pop Yes
16/11 16/10 -------- Pom Poms Int Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat & Guillaume Richard Pom Poms Jonas Brothers Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/10M Recovering Int Guillaume RICHARD Recovering Celine Dion Pop Yes
08/03 16/10 -------- Return To Sender Beg Fred Buckley Return To Sender Dean Brothers (The) / Elvis Presley Pop
-------- 16/10 -------- Stevie Ray Int Pam Conner Let Me Love You Baby Stevie Ray Vaughn Pop Yes
-------- 16/09 -------- Can't Do This (I) Int Darren Bailey Can't Do This (I) Vince Gill Ctry Yes
-------- 16/09 17/04B If I Wuz U Beg Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Me Too Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
-------- 16/09 -------- My Dress - Your Floor Imp Double Trouble Kathy & Cathy T-Shirt Thomas Rhett Ctry
-------- -------- 16/09M Primer Beso Beg Kate Sala Enamorandonos Cabas World Yes
-------- 16/09 -------- Red Wine & High Heels Beg/Imp Karen Kennedy Drunk In Heels Jennifer Nettles Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 16/09B Rock And Roll Music Imp Rachael McEnaney-White Rock And Roll Music Bryan Adams Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/09M Say It Again Int Kate Sala Say It Again Frances Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/09T Shake That Int Maddison Glover Shake That Samantha Jade ft. Pitbull Pop Yes
-------- 16/09 16/09T So Into You Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Into You Ariana Grande Pop Yes
17/03 16/09 16/09T Take Me To The River Int Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahlgren Take Me To The River Kaleida Pop Yes
16/09 -------- -------- Walk of Shame Beg Jonas Dahlgren Walk Of Shame Danielle Car Pop Yes
-------- 16/09 -------- Zillionaire Int G Mundy, T Thornton, W Craig Zillionaire Flo-Rida Pop Yes
-------- 16/08 -------- Black And White Adv Dee Musk Black And White Shires (The) Pop Yes
-------- 16/08 16/10T Funk N Feel It Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney-White, Arjay Centeno Feel It (Radio Mix) TobyMac Pop Yes
16/08 -------- -------- Hard To Find Beg/Int Terry Dunbar Mamacita Mark Medlock Pop Yes
-------- 16/08 -------- How You Like It! Int/Adv Trepat, Hadisubroto, Murray, Poulsen How You Like It Sharon Doorson Pop Yes
-------- 16/08 -------- Kiss The Sky Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Kiss The Sky Jason Derulo Pop Yes
-------- 16/08 -------- Left In The Dark Beg Vivienne Scott Who Do You Think You Are? Sam Outlaw Ctry Yes
-------- 16/08 -------- Maybe Tomorrow Int Malene Jakobsen & Niels Poulsen Maybe Tomorrow Westlife Pop Yes
-------- 16/08 -------- South Side Shake Imp Junior Willis South Side Thomas Rhett Ctry Yes
-------- 16/08 -------- The Wild Life Int Scott Blevins Wild Life (The) Outasight Ctry Yes
-------- 16/08 -------- Throwback Int Jose Miguel Belloque Vane Throwback Dawin Pop Yes
-------- 16/07 -------- All I Know Imp Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland Who You Lovin` Conrad Sewell Pop Yes
-------- 16/07 -------- Beautiful Drug Line Dance Int/Adv Keri Lyn Muszik & Darren Martin Beautiful Drug Zac Brown Band Ctry
-------- 16/07 -------- Fine By Me Adv Fred Whitehouse Fine By Me Chris Brown Pop Yes
-------- 16/07 -------- Fragile Adv Fred Whitehouse, Guyton Mundy, JP Madge Fragile Kygo Pop Yes
16/07 -------- 16/09B Frankie Fever Int Maddison Glover Let's Hang On Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons Pop Yes
-------- 16/07 -------- Future Husband Beg K. Sholes Dear Future Husband Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
16/08 16/07 -------- Gypsy Queen Imp Hazel Pace Gypsy Queen Gypsy Queen Pop Yes
16/07 16/07 -------- Pieces Int/Adv Dustin Betts Pieces Rob Thomas Ctry Yes
-------- 16/07 16/09M Woman Up Int Rachael McEnaney-White, Amy Christine Woman Up Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
-------- 16/07 -------- Work Song Adv K. Wallman G. Mundy R. Hadisubroto & F. Whitehouse Work Song Hosier Pop Yes
-------- 16/06 -------- Billy Be Bad EZ Beg Modern Soles Billy Be Bad George Jones Ctry Yes
-------- 16/06 -------- Carry You Home Int Fred Whitehouse Carry You Home Music of Nashville (The) Ctry Yes
16/06 16/08 -------- Corazon Diamante Int Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly Duele El Corazon Enrique Iglesias Latin Yes
-------- -------- 16/06T Dance Like Your Daddy Int Julia Wetzel Dance Like Yo' Daddy Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
16/06 -------- -------- King of Jive Beg/Int Darren Bailey King of Jive Jive Aces (The) Pop Yes
-------- 16/06 -------- Make You Move Int Scott Blevins Get Up-SB Mix Vernon Burch Pop Yes
-------- 16/06 -------- Shouldn't Be This Hard Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Love Shouldn't Be This Hard Olly Murs Pop Yes
-------- 16/06 -------- Walk of Shame Int Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward I'm Going Home Hedegaard Pop Yes
-------- 16/06 -------- Will You Be There For Me Adv Roy Verdonk & Daniel Trepat Will You Be There For Me Take That Pop Yes
-------- 16/06 -------- Young & Stupid Int Fred Whitehouse and José miguel Belloque Vane Young & Stupid Travis Mills Pop Yes
17/10 16/05 16/09M So Just Dance Dance Dance Beg J M Belloque Vane & Guillaume Richard Can't Stop The Feeling Justin Timberlake Pop Yes
-------- 16/05 -------- Girls Like Adv Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Girls Like Tiny Tempah Pop Yes
-------- 16/05 -------- Wearing Your Jeans Int/Adv Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Boyfriend Jeans Grace Pop Yes
-------- 16/05 -------- Dancing Kizomba Int J M Belloque Vane, L Iguchi, S P Gene & Others Dancing Kizomba Aliz Velix Pop Yes
-------- 16/05 -------- Waiting Game (The) Int Fred Whitehouse & Joey Warren Waiting Game Parson James Pop Yes
-------- 16/05 -------- From The Ground Up Adv Rob Fowler and Rachael McEnaney-White From The Ground Up Dan + Shay Pop Yes
-------- 16/04 -------- A Lesson In Love Adv Dee Musk & Simon Ward All I Ask Adele Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/04M About Feelings Int Ria Vos Mixed Drink About Feelings Eric Church Ctry Yes
-------- 16/04 -------- Baby Don't Dance Int Jean-Pierre Madge Baby Don't Dance Fleur East Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/04T Die A Happy Man Int Rachael McEnaney-White & Joey Warren Die A Happy Man Thomas Rhett Ctry Yes
-------- 16/04 -------- Empty Space Int Maria Magg Think Of You Chris Young Ctry Yes
16/06 16/04 -------- Feel Good Int Shane McKeever Don't It Feel Good Home Free Ctry Yes
-------- 16/04 -------- Fight Song Int Tammy Wyatt Fight Song Rachael Platten Pop
-------- 16/04 16/04T Gold Watch Adv Shane McKeever & Fred Whitehouse Gold Watch Fleur East Ctry Yes
16/09 16/04 -------- How I Want Ya Adv Joey Warren and Rachael McEnaney-White How I Want Ya (Dawin Remix) Hudson Thames Pop Yes
-------- 16/04 -------- Love Me Down Int Fred Whitehouse Love Me Down Jason Derulo Pop Yes
16/09 -------- -------- Loving My Baby Imp Willie Brown Nobody But Me Michael Buble Pop
-------- -------- 16/04M Mirror Mirror Int Robbie McGowan Hickie Mirror Kaila, Ft. Elena Pop Yes
-------- 16/04 -------- Part Of The List Adv Malene Jakobsen & Rachael McEnaney-White Part Of The List Ne-Yo Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/04B Rum Is The Reason Imp Rob Fowler Rum Is The Reason Toby Keith Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 16/04B S.T. One Beg Rachael McEnaney-White Still The One Orleans Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/04M Slamming Doors Int Rob Fowler Slamming Doors Ben Haenow Pop Yes
-------- 16/05 16/04M Solo Amor Int Rob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge, Fred Buckley Solo Quiero Amarte Vela Pop Yes
-------- 16/04 -------- Them Girls Int Ria Vos & Simon Ward Them Girls Auryn Pop Yes
16/05 -------- 16/04B Well Do Ya? Imp Kim Ray Do You Love Me Overtones (The) Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/03T Dangerously Adv R Verdonk, S Holtland & J M Belloque Vane Dangerously Charlie Puth Pop Yes
16/03 16/08 -------- Digital Age Int D Trepat, Belloque Vane & R Verdonk Digital Age Phreefall Ft. Flemming Pop Yes
-------- 16/03 -------- Dirty Mind Adv Daniel Whittaker Dirty Mind Flo Rida Ft Sam Martin Pop Yes
-------- 16/03 -------- Have Fun Imp Rob Fowler Fun Pitbull, Ft. Chris Brown Pop Yes
-------- 16/05 16/03T Levels Int Will Craig Levels Nick Jonas Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/03M Love Runs Int Darren Bailey & Amy Glass Love Runs Tim McGraw Ctry Yes
-------- 16/03 -------- More Dessert Int Guyton Mundy & Klara Wallman Dessert Dawin Pop Yes
-------- 16/03 -------- New Shade Of Blue Beg/Int Yvonne Anderson New Shade of Blue Southern Pacific Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 16/03M Right About Now Int Will Craig Good To Be Alive Andy Grammer Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/03T Show Me Your Moves Int Brenna Stith Show Me Your Moves Haley Reinhart Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/03M We Are Who We Are Int Robbie McGowan Hickie We Are Who We Are Carina Dahl Pop Yes
-------- 16/03 -------- Whip It Adv Shane McKeever & Rachael McEnaney-White Whip It! Chloe Angelides & Lunchmoney Lewis Pop Yes
16/02 16/02 16/02T Cake By The Ocean Int Scott Blevins Cake By The Ocean DNCE Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 -------- Crazy Love Imp Double Trouble Die A Happy Man Thomas Rhett Ctry No
-------- 16/02 -------- Dock of The Bay Imp/Int Rachael McEnaney-White Sittin' On The Dock of The Bay Nils Landgren & Joe Sample Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/02B Got A Feeling Imp Kim Ray Got A Feeling (I) Barbara Randolph Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 -------- Hangover Tonight Imp Darren Bailey Hangover Tonight Gary Allen Ctry Yes
-------- 16/02B -------- Hey Hey Hallelujah Imp Robert Fowler & Dee Musk Hey Hey Hallelujah Rachel Platten Ft. Andy Grammer Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 -------- Honey We`re Good Beg Lynne Herman Honey I`m Good Andy Grammer Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/02M I Wan'na Be Like You Imp/Int Maria Magg I Wan`na Be Like You Robbie Williams Ft. Olly Murs Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 -------- Kind of Hush (A) Beg Juliet Lam There's A Kind Of Hush Carpenters (The) Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/02M Life Of The Party Int Maddisson Glover Think of You Chris Young ft. Cassadee Pope Ctry Yes
-------- 16/02 -------- Lipstick, Powder and Paint Beg Stephen Rutter & Claire Rutter Lipstick, Powder And Paint Shakin' Stevens Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 16/03T Lover Come Back Int Scott Blevins Lover Come Back City and Colour Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/02T Loving You Tonight Int Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney-White Loving You Tonight Andrew Allen Pop Yes
16/02 16/03 16/02M Making History Beg/Int Craig Bennett, Dee Musk & Simon Ward History One Direction Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 16/02M Million Years Ago Int Julia Wetzel Million Years Ago Adele Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/02M Missing You Int Amy Christian & Jill Babinec Missing You Betty Who Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 -------- Pants On Fire Beg Lisa M. Johns-Grose Lips Are Movin' Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/02B Please Come Back Imp Julia Wetzel Lover Please Clyde McPhatter Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/02T Stand By You Adv Maggie Gallagher Stand By You Rachel Platten Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 16/02B Thinkin' Country Beg Simon Ward What Was I Thinkin' Dierks Bentley Ctry Yes
-------- 16/02 -------- Tuesday Blues Int Simon Ward Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (I) Elton John Pop Yes
-------- 16/01 -------- Autumn Int Fred Whitehouse Autumn Paolo Nutini Pop Yes
16/02 16/02 16/01B Big Blue Tree Beg Ria Vos Big Blue Tree Michael English Ctry Yes
16/01 -------- -------- Cha-Cha Round' and Round' Beg Max Perry Dancing Round and Round Olivia Newton-John Ctry Yes
16/01 16/07 -------- Crash and Burn Beg/Imp Nick Keys and Rick Dominguez Crash and Burn Thomas Rhett Ctry Yes
16/01 -------- -------- Dance Apocalyptic Adv Roy Hadisubroto & Sobrielo Philip Gene Dance Apocalyptic Janellee Monae Pop Yes
16/01 -------- -------- Foot Play It Down Int Paula Steward Strong Baby Seungri Ft. G-Dragon Pop Yes
16/01 -------- -------- Give Me That Credit Imp Sally Hung Credit Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
16/01 -------- -------- Go Strait Beg/Imp Darren Bailey Let It Go George Strait Ctry Yes
-------- 16/01 -------- Hands of Love Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Hands of Love Miley Cyrus Pop Yes
16/01 -------- -------- Hey Girl Beg Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Come Do A Little Life Mo Pitney Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 16/01T Lay It All On Me Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Lay It All On Me Rudimental, Ft. Ed Sheeran Pop Yes
-------- 16/01 -------- One Minute Int Jean-Pierre Madge One Minute Man Missy Elliott Pop Yes
-------- 16/01 -------- One Wing Adv Fred Whitehouse One Wing Jordin Sparks Pop Yes
-------- -------- 16/01M Roses and Violets Int Amy Glass Roses and Violets Alexander Jean Pop Yes
-------- 16/01 -------- Send Her My Love Int Vivienne Scott Send My Love(to your new lover) Adele Pop Yes
-------- 16/01 -------- Sensacion Int D Bailey, R Hadisubroto, R Sarlemijn Stuck on a Feeling Prince Royce Pop Yes
16/01 -------- -------- Summer Wind Int Jo Thompson Szymanski Summer Wind Frank Sinatra Pop Yes
16/07 16/01 -------- Tempted Int Fred Whitehouse Tempted Giorgio Moroder Pop Yes
-------- 17/01 16/01B Under The Moon of Love Beg Rachael McEnaney-White Under The Moon Of Love Showaddywaddy Pop Yes
16/01 -------- -------- With or Without You Int Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk With or Without You Sarah Darling Pop Yes
16/01 15/12 16/01T Ain't Misbehavin Int G. Mundy, J.T. Szymanski & Amy Glass Misbehavin' Pentatonix Pop Yes
-------- 15/12 16/01 Boys Like You Int Rachael McEnaney-White Boys Like You Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande Pop Yes
15/12 -------- -------- Can't Stand The Rain (not the one you think) Beg Max Perry Can't Stand The Rain Dan And Adam Skinner Pop No
15/12 -------- -------- Christmas On The Farm Beg Tony Marcantonio Christmas On The Farm Jason Michael Carroll Pop
15/12 -------- -------- Elektrisk Int R. Sarlemijn, D. Bailey, R. Hadisubroto & K. Haugen Elektrisk Marcus & Martinus Pop Yes
-------- 15/12 -------- Focus On Me Int/Adv Jean-Pierre Madge Focus Ariana Grande Pop Yes
15/12 15/12 -------- My Father's Son Int Roy Verdonk & Roy Hadisubroto My Father's Son Conner Reeves Pop Yes
16/03 15/12 -------- New Thang Int P. Sobrielo, R. Lee, R. Sarlemijn New Thang Redfoo Pop Yes
-------- 15/12 -------- Painting Pillows Adv Rachael McEnaney-White Painting Pillows Lauren Alaina Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/12M Should've Gone Home Int Ria Vos Should've Gone Home Mans Zelmerlow Pop Yes
15/12 -------- -------- Somebody Loves You Beg Rosalie Musgrave Somebody Loves You Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
16/03 15/12 16/01M Sugar Honey I.T. Int Johanna Barnes Sugar.Honey.Ice.Tea Charlie Wilson Pop Yes
-------- 15/11 15/11T Better When I'm Dancin Int Julia Wetzel Better When I'm Dancin' Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
15/11 15/11 -------- Dancing Tree (The) Int Richard Guillaume Hanging Tree (The) James Newton Pop Yes
-------- 15/11 15/11B Empty Pockets Beg Michelle Burton & Michael Barr If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets Joe Diffie Ctry Yes
-------- 15/11 16/01T From The Other Side Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Hello Adele Pop Yes
-------- 15/11 -------- Is It Over Int Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen Is It Over Yet Wynonna Judd Ctry Yes
-------- 15/11 -------- My Heart Belongs To You Imp Fred Buckley Jumpin' The Gun Ronnie Barnes Ctry Yes
-------- 15/11 -------- NYC Funk Int Debbie Rushton (McLaughlin) Living In New York City Robin Thicke Pops Yes
-------- 15/11 -------- Rootin' For You Imp Kelly Mathew Cheerleader OMI Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/11M Round Your Finger Int Joey Warren Round Your Little Finger Katharine McPhee Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/11T Running Int Will Craig Running James Bay Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/11M Second Hand Heart Int Maggie Gallagher Second Hand Heart Ben Haenow, Ft. Kelly Clarkson Pop Yes
-------- 15/11 15/12T Shots With Somebody Int Rachael McEnaney-White No Doubt About It Cast of Empire Pop Yes
-------- --------- 15/11B Skip The Line Imp Kate Sala Skip The Line' Sugar & The Hi Lows Ctry Yes
16/01 15/11 16/02M Strip It Down Int Rachael McEnaney-White Strip It Down Luke Bryan Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/11T Water Under The Bridge Int/Adv Ria Vos NL & Esmeralda vd Pol Water Under The Bridge Adele Pop Yes
-------- --------- 15/11M Way Way Back Int Richard Guillaume Way Way Back Luke Bryan Ctry Yes
-------- 15/11 -------- We Get One Shot Imp Daniel Trepat, Rob Fowler, Darren Bailey One Shot Rob Thomas Ctry Yes
-------- 15/10 -------- Blue Lights Chasing Int/Adv Joey Warren We Went Randy Houser Ctry Yes
15/10 15/10 15/10M Cliché Love Song Int Jo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy, John Robinson Cliche Love Song Basim Pop Yes
15/10 15/10 15/11M Confident Int Amy Glass & Darren Bailey Confident Demi Lovato Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/10B Emergency Beg Frank Trace Emergency Icona Pop Pop Yes
-------- 15/10 -------- Feels Like Rain Int Wil Bos Feels Like Rain John Hiatt Pop Yes
-------- 15/10 15/10T Get Your Shoes On Int Jo Thompson Szymanski & Scott Blevins Get Your Shoes On Elisabeth Withers Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/10B In The Basement Beg Rick Todd In The Basement Martina McBride Ctry Yes
-------- 15/10 -------- Rockin' The Wagon Wheel Beg Jamie Marshall Wagon Wheel Darius Rucker Ctry Yes
15/10 16/01 15/11B Stitches Imp Amy Glass Stitches Shawn Mendes Pop Yes
-------- 15/10 -------- Sunshine and Whiskey Beg Wendy Mager Sunshine and Whiskey Frankie Ballard Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/10B When I'm 64 Imp Michael Barr When I'm 64 Beatles (The) Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/10M Won't Tell A Soul Int Malene Jakobsen and Rachael McEnaney-White Won't Tell A Soul (I) Charlie Puth Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/09M Black Magic Int Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Black Magic Little Mix Pop Yes
-------- 16/02 15/09B Boy Girl Thing Imp Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Boy & A Girl Thing Mo Pitney Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/09B Crackers Beg Guerric Auville Crackers Sara Evans Ctry No
15/09 -------- -------- Dancing In The Sky Int Esmeralda v.d. Pol Dancing In The Sky Danny & Lizzy Pop Yes
15/10 15/09 15/10M Dirty Work Int Scott Blevins Dirty Work Austin Mahone Pop NVA
-------- 15/09 -------- Don't Let The Sun Go Down Int Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me George Michael Pop Yes
15/11 15/09 -------- Extreme Love Int Niels Poulsen Like I'm Gonna Lose You Meghan Trainor, Ft. John Legend Pop Yes
15/09 -------- -------- Having A Ball aka (A Wonderful Time) Imp Denise Boyle Got to Give it Up Marvin Gaye Pop Yes
15/09 15/09 -------- Homegrown Imp Rachael McEnaney Homegrown Zac Brown Band Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/09M I Love It Int Ria Vos Don't Like It I Love It (I) Flo Rida, Ft. Robin Thicke & Verdine White Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/09M Lately Int Craig Bennett & Pat Stott Have I Told You Lately Rod Stewart Pop Yes
15/09 16/06 -------- Lay Low Beg Darren Bailey Lay Low Josh Turner Ctry Yes
-------- 15/09 15/09T Never Been To Spain Int/Adv Jo Thompson Szymanski Never Been To Spain No Refund Band (The) Pop Yes
-------- 15/09 15/09T Pop 'n Drop Int Dee Musk & Ria Vos Emergency Icona Pop Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/09T Riversoul Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney-White River (The) Jacksoul Pop Yes
17/01 -------- 15/09M Sinner Imp Roy Hadisubroto, Roy Verdonk Sinners Andy Grammer Ctry Yes
-------- 15/08 15/10T Don't Make Me Suffer Adv J M Belloque Vane, S Holtland, R Verdonk Suffer Charlie Puth Pop Yes
-------- 15/08 15/09T Gold Int Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse Gold Andreya Triana Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/08M That's The Only Way Int Rhoda Lai, Ria Vos, Niels Poulsen If That's The Only Way Carina Dahl Pop Yes
15/08 15/08 -------- Witness Adv Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey Witness Daughtry Pop Yes
-------- 15/07 -------- Boston Strong Beg Mimi Leary Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond Pop Yes
15/07 15/07 -------- Do What You Do Int Rachael McEnaney That's What I Like Flo Rida Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/07B Every Star Imp Doreen Ollari & Randy Pelletier Even the Stars Fall 4 U Keith Urban Ctry Yes
15/07 16/03 15/11B Ex's and Oh's Imp Amy Glass Ex's and Oh's Elle King Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/07M I Got Fire Int Kate Sala Fire Under My Feet Leona Lewis Pop Yes
-------- 15/07M -------- Lean Way Back Beg Malene Jakobsen & Rachael McEnaney-White High Time Kacey Musgraves Ctry Yes
-------- 15/07 -------- Let It Be Me Int Amy Glass & Darren Bailey Let It Be Me Ray LaMontagne Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/07B Making Me Feel Imp Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney-White Making Me Feel Laura Bell Bundy Ctry Yes
-------- 15/07 -------- Mind Over Matter Int Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen Coming Back Dean Ray Pop Yes
-------- 15/07 -------- Mr. Put It Down Int/Adv Rachael McEnaney-White & Trevor Thornton Mr. Put It Down Ricky Martin Ft. Pitbull Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/07M Rolling Down Under Int Ria Vos & Simon Ward A Change Is Gonna Come (A) Wayne Brady Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/07B Shake It Off Int Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Shake It Off Taylor Swift Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/07T Stonecold Adv Niels Poulsen & Maria Magg Heat Scarlet Pleasure Pop Yes
-------- 15/07 -------- Worth It Adv Linda McCormack & Maddison Glover Worth It Fifth Harmony Pop Yes
15/09 15/06 15/06M And Get It On Int Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane Marvin Gaye Charlie Puth Ft. Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
15/09 15/11 15/06B Bomp (The) Imp Kim Ray Who Put The Bomp Overtones (The) Pop Yes
-------- 15/06 -------- Flashlight Adv Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harrie Flashlight Jessie J Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/06B He Ain't Gonna Change Beg Mark Cosenza He Ain't Gonna Change Nashville Cast Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/06M Honey I'm Good Int Brenna Stith Honey I'm Good Andy Grammer Ctry Yes
15/09 15/06 15/06T Lay It Right Int Scott Blevins Lay It Right Speelburg Pop Yes
-------- 15/06 15/06 Make It Rain Int/Adv Jo & John Kinser, Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat Make It Rain (LD Ver) Ed Sheeran Pop Yes
-------- 17/07 15/06B Priscilla Imp Laura Sway Priscilla Miranda Lambert Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/06M Psycho Int Jill Babinec & Guyton Mundy Psycho Kimberley Cole Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/06M Roads Int Maggie Gallagher Roads Lawson Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/06M Shut Up And Dance Int Cody Flowers Shut Up And Dance Walk The Moon Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/06M Slam Goes The Door Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Good Goes The Bye Kelly Clarkson Pop Yes
-------- 15/06 15/08B Ticket To The Blues Beg Niels Poulsen One Way Ticket Eruption Pop Yes
-------- 15/06 -------- Twinkle Waltz Beg Daniel Whittaker Les Bicyclettes De Belsize Engelbert Humperdink Pop Yes
-------- 15/06 15/07T You're Not The Boss of Me Adv Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen You Don't Own Me Grace Pop Yes
-------- 15/05 -------- Goodbye Cha Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Goodbye Who Is Fancy Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/05M MJ Classic Int Rob Fowler Classic MTKO Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/05B Tell The World Imp Robbie McGowan Hickie Tell The World Eric Hutchinson Pop Yes
16/02 15/05 15/06 Your Loving Arms Beg/Int Vikki Morris Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/04M Ay Mama Mia Int Amy Glass & Michele Burton Mama Mia Mayra Veronica Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/04M Badda Badda Swing Int Daniel Whittaker & Simon Ward Don’t Dance (I) Corbin Bleu & Lucas Grabeel Pop Yes
-------- 15/04 -------- Bo$$ Int Scott Blevins & Maria Magg Bo$$ Fifth Harmony Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/04B Canadian Man Int Gerard Murphy Canadian Man Paul Brandt Ctry No
-------- -------- 15/04T Get Down On The Floor Int Daniel Whittaker Get Down On The Floor Hot Banditoz Pop
15/05 15/04 15/04T Girl Crush Int Rachael McEnaney & Alison Johnstone Girl Crush Little Big Town Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/04M Greater Than Me Beg/Int Maggie Gallagher Greater Mercyme Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/04M Highway Don't Care Int Teresa & Vera Highway Don't Care Tim McGraw & Taylor Swift Ctry Yes
-------- 15/04 15/04T Hard To Say It Int Niels Poulsen Hard To Say I'm Sorry Chicago Pop Yes
15/04 -------- -------- Living Arizona Imp Daniel Trepat Arizona Bomshel Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/04T Love Me Like You Do Int Ria Vos Love Me Like You Do Ellie Goulding Pop Yes
15/04 -------- -------- Love Runs Out Int Ruben Luna & Lynne Martino Love Runs Out OneRepublic Pop Yes
-------- 15/04 -------- My Biscuit Int Ria Vos, Craig Bennett, Julie Lockton Biscuit Ivan Levan Pop Yes
15/04R -------- -------- Queen Of My Heart Int Doug & Jackie Miranda Queen of My Heart Westlife Pop Yes
15/04R -------- -------- River of Dreams Int Charlotte Skeeters River of Dreams (The) Billy Joel Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/04B Rumble! Beg Vivienne Scott Rumble & Sway Jamie N Commons Ctry Yes
15/04R -------- -------- Runaway Int Carmel Hutchinson Runaway Gary Allan Ctry Yes
15/04R -------- -------- Silk & Satin Int Evelyn Khinoo Island Eddie Raven Pop Yes
15/04R -------- -------- Speak To The Sky Beg/Int Keith Davies Speak To The Sky Brendon Walmsley Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 15/04B Stronger Beer Beg/Contra Judy McDonald & Tina Veliotis Stronger Beer Tim Hicks Ctry
-------- 15/04 15/04T Sugar Rush Int Trevor Thornton Sugar Maroon 5 Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/04M Suite 215 Imp Ria Vos & Niels Poulsen Waiting for the Sun Simon Erics Pop Yes
15/09 15/04 15/06T WTF (What The France) Adv Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey, Joey Warren Want To Want Me Jason Derulo Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/03T Bang Int Rhoda Lai Bang Bang Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj Pop Yes
-------- 15/03 -------- Beast of Burden Adv Roy Verdonk Beast Of Burden Little Texas Ctry Yes
15/03 -------- -------- Big Time Operator Int J&J Kinser, R Luna, P Sobrielo Big Time Operator Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/03M Dance With No Name (A) Adv Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax Place With No Name (A) Michael Jackson Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/03T Darling Hold My Hand Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Hold My Hand Jess Glynne Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/03B Electro Mama Beg/Int Michele Perron and Gerard Murphy Peas and Rice Swing Republic Ft. Count Basie & Jimmy Rushing Pop No
15/03 -------- 15/12B Footprints On The Water Beg/Int Joanne Brady & Jil Babinec Footprints On The Water Gold City Ctry Yes
-------- 15/03 -------- Gimme Da Funk Int LuAnne Cole Uptown Funk Mark Ronson Pop
-------- -------- 15/03B Heavenly Cha Imp Dee Musk What’ll Keep Me Out Of Heaven Brandy Clark Ctry Yes
-------- 15/03 -------- Hypnotized Int D. Bailey, F. Whitehouse, R. Sarlemijn Hypnotized N.E.R.D. Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/03M Lipz Int Maggie Gallagher, Gary O’Reilly & Helen O’Malley Lips Are Movin Meghan Trainor Pop Yes
15/03 -------- -------- Oops Int J M Belloque Vane, D. Trepat, R. Verdonk Oops I Did It Again Julia van der Toorn Pop Yes
-------- 15/03 -------- Run Int Scott Blevins Run Marsha Ambrosius Pop Yes
-------- 15/03 -------- Take Me To Church Adv + Guyton Mundy & Fred Whitehorse Hozier Take Me To Church Pop Yes
-------- 16/05 15/03B Triple Mix Beg Lorna Mursell Country Medley Nathan Carter Ctry Yes
-------- 15/03 -------- Wakey Wakey Int Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski Woke Up (I) One-T Pop Yes
-------- 15/03 -------- Way You Look (The) Int D. Bailey, F. Whitehouse, R. Sarlemijn Way You Look at Me (The) Vinten ft Clarence Coffee Pop Yes
-------- 15/02 15/06 Celebrate Int Guyton Mundy & Will Craig Celebrate Pitbull Pop Yes
-------- 15/02 -------- Not The Only One Int Craig Bennett Not The Only One Sam Smith Pop
-------- 15/02 15/03M Shades Of Passion Int/Adv Rob Fowler Earned It Weekend (The) Pop Yes
-------- 15/02 15/03M Thank You (I) Int Michele Perron & Jo Thompson Szymanski Thank You (I) Lulu Pop Yes
-------- 15/02 15/03T Twisted Sister Adv Guyton Mundy She Keeps Me Up Nickelback Pop Yes
-------- 15/01 15/01T Bubbles Dahhhling Int Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen Break Free Ariana Grande, Ft/ Zedd Pop Yes
15/01 -------- -------- Don't Int Amy Glass Don't Ed Sheeran Pop Yes
15/01 -------- -------- FUnK U Up Int Willis, Zahorsky, Schrank, Garrish Uptown Funk Mark Ronson Pop/Rap Yes
-------- 15/01 -------- Hard Work Int Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Hard Work Ella Henderson Pop Yes
-------- 15/01 -------- Just Be Int Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse Just Be Paloma Faith Pop Yes
-------- 15/01 -------- Lift U Up Int Derek Steele Safe And Sound Capital Cities Pop Yes
15/01 -------- -------- Right On Time Int Michelle Burton, Michael Barr Spending Every Minute In Love Neil McCoy Ctry Yes
-------- 15/01 15/01B Rock & Roll King Imp Rachael McEnaney Rock & Roll Is King ELO Pop Yes
15/01 15/04 -------- Such A Fool Beg Niels Poulsen Fool Such As I (A) Jason Donovan Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/01M Superheroes Adv Maggie Gallagher Superheroes Script (The) Pop Yes
-------- -------- 15/01B Tick Tock Two Imp Rachael McEnaney Tick Tock Si Cranstoun Pop Yes
15/01 15/03 -------- Why Wait Beg Nathalie De Vito Why Wait Rascal Flatts Ctry Yes
15/03 15/01 15/01M Yes! Int Simon Ward & Jo Thompson Szymanski Yes Merry Clayton Pop Yes