Dances Taught

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Year & Month Taught
AZBD↕ BNS↕ DWZ↕ Dance Name ↕ Level ↕ Choreographer ↕ Music ↕ Artist ↕ Genre ↕ VID
-------- 05/12 -------- Backseat Blues Int Dan Albro Backseat Blues Roomful Of Blues Ctry No
05/12 05/12 -------- Big Blue Note Beg Jan Smith Big Blue Note Toby Keith Ctry Yes
05/12 05/12 -------- Push The Button Beg/Int Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Push The Button Sugababes Pop Yes
-------- 05/11 -------- If I Fall Beg/Int Bill MacLeod If I Fall You're Going Down With Me Dixie Chicks Ctry Yes
05/11 ???? -------- Island Hopping Beg Gerard Murphy Back To The Island Baha Men World
-------- 05/11 -------- Mockingbird Beg Barry Durand Mockingbird Toby Keith & Krystal Ctry
-------- 05/11 -------- This Little Light Beg/Int Jo & Rita Thompson This Little Light Of Mine Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
05/11 -------- -------- Walk Back To Me Beg Metelnick, Biggs, Albro Where You Gonna Go Toby Keith Ctry Yes
-------- 05/10 -------- As Good As I Once Was Beg/Int Helen Born & Nita Lindley As Good As I Once Was Toby Keith Ctry No
-------- 08/07 05/10 Careless Whisper Int Paul McAdam Careless Whisper Kenny G ft Brian McKnight Pop Yes
-------- 05/10 -------- Every Cotton Pickin' Morning Beg/Int Steve Mason Cotton Pickin' Time Blake Shelton Ctry No
-------- 05/10 -------- Feels So Good! Int Amy Christian It Feels So Good Sonique Pop Yes
-------- 05/10 -------- No Regrets Int Scott Blevins Outside The Club Adina Howard Pop Yes
05/10 05/10 -------- Trust Me Beg/Int Geri Morrison Vincero Fredrik Kempe Pop Yes
05/09 -------- -------- Basha Int Michele Perron Cruising For Bruising Basia Pop Yes
-------- 05/09 -------- Cha Cha Groove Beg/Int Masters In Line When The Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney & Uncle Kracker Ctry
-------- 05/09 -------- Gordita Linda Beg/Int Max Perry La Gorda Linda (Spanglish Version) Arthur Hanlon Pop Yes
-------- 05/09 -------- Keep It Burning Int John Robinson, Craig Bennett Keep This Fire Burning Beverley Knight Pop Yes
05/09 -------- -------- Shiv-A-Ree Int/Adv Maggie Gallagher Goodnight Moon Shivaree Pop Yes
06/10 05/09 -------- World (The) Beg/Int Maggie Gallagher World (The) Brad Paisley Ctry
-------- 05/08 -------- Apple Pie & Hillbillies Beg Hollis Clark Hillbillies (Love It In The Hay) Hot Apple Pie Ctry Yes
-------- -------- 05/08 Evidence Int Gerard Murphy Measure of a Man Clay Aiken Pop
-------- 05/08 -------- Replay Int/Adv Scott Blevins Pon de Replay Rihanna Pop
-------- 05/08 -------- Roman Holiday Beg Max Perry On An Evening In Roma Patrizio Buanne Pop Yes
-------- 05/08 -------- Soluna Int Robbie McGowan Hickie Monday Mi Amor Soluna World Yes
05/08 -------- -------- Sugar Cane Shack Beg Violet Ray Sugar Cane Shack Na Leo Pilimehana Pop Yes
06/11 05/08 05/07 East To West Int Larry Hayden Coast to Coast Modern Talking Pop Yes
-------- 05/06 -------- Believe (I) Int Crazy Chris If There's Any Justice Lemar Pop
05/08 05/05 05/05 Black Horse Int Kate Sala Black Horse And The Cherry Tree K.T. Tunstall Pop Yes
-------- 05/05 -------- Buy Me A Drink Beg Maggie Gallagher Do You Still Wanna Buy Me That Drink/td> Lorrie Morgan< Ctry Yes
-------- 05/05 -------- Miller Magic Int Andrew, Simon & Sheila Glenn Miller Medley Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers Pop Yes
-------- 05/04 -------- 1814 March Beg/Int Joe/Penny Barker & Herb/Kathy Dula Battle of New Orleans Sham Rock Pop No
05/04 -------- -------- Slow Burn Int K Hunyadi & J Robinson Fire Des'ree & Babyface Pop Yes
-------- 05/04 -------- X-Rated Int Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Filthy Gorgeous Scissor Sisters (The) Pop Yes
-------- 09/08 05/03 Contact (Come On And Dance) Beg/Int Peter & Alison Contact Edwin Starr Pop Yes
-------- 05/03 -------- Just Wright Beg/Int Maggie Gallagher C'est La Vie Chely Wright Ctry Yes
-------- 05/01 12/01 Mars Attack Beg/Int Rachael McEnaney Chocolate (choco-choco) Soul Control< Pop Yes
04/12 05/01 -------- Cut A Rug Beg Jo & Rita Thompson Roll Back The Rug Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
05/03 04/12 -------- Suds In The Bucket Int Yvonne Anderson Suds In The Bucket Sara Evans Ctry Yes
-------- 04/11 -------- Caught In The Act Int Ann Wood Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed Glenn Frey Pop
04/11 -------- -------- Good Golly Miss Molly Int/Beg Karen Hunn Little Richard Medley Deans (The) Ctry
04/11 04/10 -------- Evergreen Int Karen Hunn Evergreen Will Young Pop Yes
-------- 04/10 -------- Mellow Yellow ??? Peter Metelnick Lemon Tree Fools Garden Pop Yes
-------- -------- 04/10 What A Night Int Doug & Jackie Miranda December '63 (Oh What A Night) Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Pop
10/06 04/12 04/10 Crabbuckit Int Gerard Murphy Crabbuckit K-OS Pop Yes
-------- 04/09 -------- Turbo Twang Int Jamie Marshall Turbo Twang Wayne Warner Ctry Yes
-------- 04/09 -------- Until The End Int Maggie Gallagher Stuck On You 3 T Pop Yes
04/09 08/05 07/07 Whatever Happens Int Liz Bogan & Ron Kline Whatever Happens Michael Jackson & Carlos Santana Pop Yes
-------- 04/08 -------- Doctor Doctor Int Masters In Line Bad Case Of Loving You Robert Palmer Pop
04/07 04/07 -------- Another Quickie Int Joanne Brady Long On Talk, Short On Love Barbara Carr Ctry Yes
-------- 04/07 -------- Push Int Michele Perron Push Dannii Minogue Pop Yes
04/07 04/07 -------- Sky Full of Angels Int Yvonne Anderson Sky Full Of Angels Reba McEntire Ctry Yes
04/07 ------ 04/07 Triple J Beg/Int Michael Barr Juke Joint Jumpin' Barbara Carr Pop Yes
-------- 04/06 -------- Chihuahua Beg Audrey Watson Chihuahua DJ Bobo Pop
-------- 04/06 -------- Sube Amor Int Karen Hunn Se Me Sube (Merengue Version) Manny Manuel World Yes
-------- 04/06 -------- Where We've Been Int Lana Harvey Wilson Remember When Alan Jackson Ctry Yes
04/07 04/05 -------- Bye Bye Int Kate Sala Bye Bye David Civera Pop Yes
04/05 04/07 -------- Cheek to Cheek Beg/Int Rob Fowler Cheek To Cheek Glenn Rogers Pop Yes
06/10 04/05 -------- Rio Beg/Int Diana Lowery Patricio Mestizo Pop Yes
-------- 04/05 -------- Texas Int Max Perry Texas Chris Rea Ctry Yes
-------- 04/05 -------- Under Your Spell Beg/Int Bracken Ellis Under Your Spell Ana Victoria Pop Yes
04/04 04/04 -------- Chill Factor Int Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead Last Night Chris Anderson Ctry Yes
04/04 04/06 04/04 Have Fun Go Mad Int Scott Blevins Have Fun, Go Mad Blair Pop Yes
04/04 -------- -------- Puttin' On The Ritz Beg Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson Puttin' On the Ritz Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
-------- 04/04 -------- We Are The Same Int Amato's, J. Robinson, Jo Thompson We Are The Same Kenny Rogers Ctry Yes
-------- 04/03 -------- Another Chance Int Kevin S. & Rena Ward Dance With My Father Luther Vandross Pop Yes
15/09 04/03 04/03 Nu Flow Int Masters In Line Nu Flow Big Brovaz Pop Yes
-------- 04/02 -------- Strokin' Beg Unknown Strokin' Clarence Carter Ctry Yes
04/02 -------- -------- Twist-Em Beg Jo Thompson Szymanski Twisting The Night Away Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
-------- 03/12 -------- Swing Time Boogie Int Scott Blevins Swing City Roger Brown & Swing City Pop Yes
-------- 03/10 -------- Mountain of Love Int Dan Morrison Mountain of Love Charlie Pride Pop Yes
-------- 03/10 -------- Weak In The Knees Beg/Int Kathy Hunyadi Feels Like I'm In Love Kelly Marie Pop
-------- 03/09 -------- Cool Whip Int Judy McDonald Let It Whip Dazz Band Pop Yes
07/10 03/07 -------- Wave On Wave Beg/Int Alan G. Birchall Wave on Wave Pat Green Ctry Yes
-------- 03/06 -------- >Bad Dog No Biscuit Int Steve Yoxall Love You Left Behind Daron Norwood Ctry No
-------- -------- 03/06 Love on the Inside Int Sandy Kerrigan Love You Left Behind Heather Myles Pop
-------- 03/04 -------- When I Leave ? Lev Judy McDonald When I Leave This House Adam Gregory Ctry
-------- 03/03 -------- Dream On Beg Rob Fowler Dream On Texas Ladies John Michael Montgomery Ctry Yes
-------- 03/03 -------- Nasdravia Beg Laura & Becky Michaels Iko Iko Captain Jack Pop Yes
-------- 03/03 -------- Raindrops For Perfidia Int Forto Arroyo Perfidia John Altman Pop Yes
-------- 03/02 -------- Closer Beg/Int Mary Kelly Closer Susan Ashton Ctry
10/04 03/01 -------- On The Water Beg/Int Pete Harkness Walking On The Water Atomic Kitten Ctry Yes
-------- 03/01 -------- Phloor Philla Beg B. McWherter & C. Stevens Floor Filler A Teens Pop Yes
03/05 02/11 -------- D.H.S.S. Beg/Int Gaye Teather Coffee Supersister Pop Yes
02/10 -------- -------- Some Girls Beg/Int Yvonne Anderson Some Girls Will Dean Brothers (The) Ctry
-------- 02/09 -------- Little Rhumba Beg Donna Laurin This Is Not Goodbye Johnny Reid Ctry
-------- 02/07 -------- Backstreet Attitude Int Jamie Marshall As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys (The) Pop Yes
06/08 02/04 -------- Love A Rainy Night (I) Beg Iris Mooney Love A Rainy Night (I) Eddie Rabbitt Ctry Yes
15/04R 02/03 -------- Come Dance With Me Beg Jo Thompson Come Dance With Me Nancy Hays Ctry Yes
02/03 -------- -------- Kick N' Drag Int Larry Bass One Foot Dragging Band Of Oz Pop Yes
02/03 -------- -------- Zatchu (Lollipop) Beg/Int Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski Lollipop Chordettes (The) Ctry Yes
-------- 02/02 -------- Just Do It Int Namcy Yiu All For You Janet Jackson Pop No
02/02 -------- -------- Wait A Minute Int/Adv Warren Mitchell Wait A Minute Sara Evans Ctry Yes
-------- 01/11 -------- Chingford Cha Cha Int Michele Perron Unbreak My Heart Johnny Mathis Pop
-------- -------- 01/09 Jukebox Int Jo Thompson Szymanski Jukebox Michael Martin Murphey Pop Yes
-------- 01/05 -------- Cruisin' Beg/Int Victor van der Meer Cruisin' Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis Pop
-------- 01/04 -------- BC Coaster (The) 2001 Adv Bill Bader Sold John Michael Montgomery Ctry Yes
--- 01/04 -------- Whole Again Beg/Int Sue Johnstone Whole Again Atomic Kitten Pop Yes
01/04 01/04 -------- Rivers of Babylon Beg/Int John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson Rivers Of Babylon Boney M Pop Yes
01/02 -------- -------- Hot Tamales Int Neil Hale Country Down To My Soul Lee Roy Parnell Ctry Yes
01/01 01/01 -------- Dizzy Int Jo Thompson Dizzy Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
00/05 -------- -------- Tango With The Sheriff Beg/Int Adrian Churm Cha Tango Dave Sheriff Ctry Yes
00/04 -------- -------- Now or Never Int/Adv Kathy Hunyadi Cha Tango MDO Pop Yes
-------- 00/03 -------- Scrap It! Int Kathy K Scrap Piece of Paper Paul Brant Ctry Yes
10/05 00/01 -------- Islands In The Stream Int Karen Jones Islands In The Stream Kenny Rogers Ctry Yes
-------- 99/09 -------- Red Hot Salsa Int Christina Browne Red Hot Salsa Dave Sheriff Pop
-------- 99/09 -------- Syncopated Rhythm Int Rob Fowler Sycopated Rhythm Scooch Pop Yes
-------- 99/03 -------- Flip Flop Dance Beg/Int Cathy Montgomery Evangeline Chad Brock Ctry No
08/10-- 99/01 -------- Bad Bad LeRoy Brown Beg Unknown Bad Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce Ctry Yes
-------- 98/06 -------- All Shook Up Adv Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle All Shook Up Billy Joel or Elvis Ctry Yes
-------- 98/05 -------- Total Eclipse Int M Kennedy M Kokiw & A Swirsky Total Eclipse of The Heart Nikki French Pop
-------- 98/05 -------- Easy Come Easy Go Beg Debbie O'Hara Any Way The Wind Blows Brother Phelps Ctry Yes
-------- 98/05 -------- Western Six-Step Int Unknown Ain't Goin Down (Till The Sun Comes Up) Garth Brooks Ctry
-------- 98/04 -------- Funky Matador Int Unknown Be My Lover La Bouche Ctry Yes
-------- 98/03 -------- Born To Boogie Int Ian St.Leon Born To Boogie Hank Williams Jr. Ctry No
-------- 98/01 -------- Be-Bop-A-Lula Int Denny Hengen Be Bop A Lula Scooter Lee Ctry Yes
-------- 96/02 -------- Elvira Beg May Clayton & Joel Hollon Elvira Oak Ridge Boys Ctry Yes
-------- 95/01 -------- Cowgirl's Twist Beg Bill Bader What The Cowgirls Do Vince Gill Ctry Yes
-------- 94/06 -------- Cowboy Rhythm Int Jo Thompson You Feel The Same Way To Rankin Family Ctry
-------- 94/01 -------- Applejacks Adv Unknown Fresh Coat of Paint Lee Roy Parnell Ctry Yes
-------- 93/09 -------- Achy Breaky Heart Beg Melanie Greenwood Achy Breaky Heart Melanie Greenwood Ctry Yes
-------- 93/06 -------- Alley Cat Int Donna Aiken Cornell Crawford K.T. Oslin Ctry No
93/06 98/07 -------- God Blessed Texas Beg Shirley K. Batson God Blessed Texas Little Texas Ctry Yes
-------- 93/01 -------- Boot Scootin' Boogie Beg Unknown Boot Scootin Boogie Brooks & Dunn Ctry Yes